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Slimming sauerkraut: minus 3 kg per week

Похудение на квашеной капусте: минус 3 кг за неделю Turns out, sauerkraut is not only beneficial for health but also for the figure.

Few people know that sauerkraut contains far more vitamin C than fresh. This means that cooked cabbage is becoming more useful to man, especially in the period of seasonal diseases. Nutritionists have nothing against sauerkraut and suggest to look at the diet, where this product should be used daily with each meal.

Why experts on nutrition insist on the use of sauerkraut?

The fact that sauerkraut has virtually no calories that would have hurt the figure, but at the same time with such a deficit it is enriched with vitamins and minerals, providing invaluable benefit to the human body. 100 grams of cabbage only 19 calories and 0.1 grams of fat, so anyone who is overweight, you can eat sauerkraut by the pound.

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Diet for weight loss and strengthen the immune system

The New year is coming, so now is the time to take care of her figure. Nutritionists propose for consideration the diet, the basis of which is kvashena cabbage. There is nothing difficult to sustain this diet. The result is waiting for you at the end of the week minus about 3-5 pounds.

Approximate diet menu for sauerkraut

Breakfast. One glass of natural yogurt with banana slices and a handful of oat flakes.

The second Breakfast. Orange.

Lunch. Soup with sauerkraut and other vegetables. Do not select very sour cabbage, bell pepper, celery, carrot, onion, etc.

An afternoon snack. A small piece of boiled chicken without skin, preferably fillet. The portion should be no more than 100 grams. That the meat didn’t seem fresh, on a plate, add a little sauerkraut.

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Dinner. Boil 150 grams of red fish. Eat the fish with the cabbage. Drink a Cup of tea or broth hips.

Nutritionists do not recommend to follow this system diet more than one week, because people may just get bored of the same food. Best of all — every day to eat a variety of foods and to include in the diet of sauerkraut. The extra pounds will still leave, but only if you don’t eat fried, smoked and sweet products.

Experts recommend to include sauerkraut in your diet, although you want to lose weight or not. In any case, this product will benefit your body in full.

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