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Seconds before the accident: 5 signs that you are falling asleep at the wheel

Секунда до аварии: 5 признаков, что вы засыпаете за рулем

I would not be writing this article if I did not go so often driving long distances. Often I go out in the evening and food all night. It is difficult and hard for the body. Especially if you ride one. That is why it is important to understand when it is better not to risk and stay.

Notice how blink

Usually we blink so imperceptibly that I can’t exactly say when the last time did it number of times we blink per minute, hour and so on. But when you’re tired, you really notice that blink. And this is the first bell.

There is a joke: “I’m not sleeping, I slow blink”. And this phrase is not devoid of meaning. If you catch yourself thinking that you’re blinked, so it was slow, maybe even a half-second or second. For a second car at a speed of 110 km/h manages to travel 15 meters. This is enough to be on the sidelines or in the oncoming lane.

Do not have time to focus

In the morning when we are fresh and full of energy, we just cast a glance at the dashboard to read the speed, rpm and fuel consumption. When we’re tired, we can no longer be so. I know it for myself. I look down the road at the speedometer and realize that you can’t see anything. Eyes not able to quickly refocus. Literally have to look at the numbers. Especially often it happens at night and in the morning.

Plus, half-asleep eyes become glassy. You look but do not see. All this is due to fatigue not only the eyes but also the brain.

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The brain shows its fatigue in different ways. In particular, it starts transmitting information. Have you seen the road sign, but can’t remember which it was written. You go on the road, but I don’t get ran out of town or not, because missed the mark. These are all signs of brain fatigue, inattention.

And it’s not the carelessness, which is also called distraction. This inattention, which is due to the fact that you go to sleep, go on autopilot. And if something goes wrong, simply can not react.

Not thinking

If you long to switch off and do not restart the laptop it starts to slow down, and for a long time to load the basic program. It’s the same with our brain. He needs to rest. If we can’t sleep, he begins to hang out and tight figure.

The reaction slows, the time to resolution increases significantly. A kind of fatigue test is the multiplication of two-digit numbers. If you are able to quickly multiply 17 by 12, you just have to stop.

Too lazy to talk

A sure way not to sleep — to talk. But this is only if you have companions. Talking on the phone is not the same, and unsafe. If the vehicle suddenly freezes pause, so soon all cut down.

This cannot be allowed, if you feel that the body already on the brink. I have repeatedly faced with a situation where passengers are talking, but I’m too lazy to get stuck in a conversation and maintain it. Not that I had nothing to say, I quite lazy. To say, you need to strain your brain, and he doesn’t want to strain, because in the saving mode.

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If you have experienced this, urgently stop is extreme stage, to knock you out at any moment. And on the track, the time of transition from this world to that may be only two seconds.

However, all this is just on paper. Actually showing signs of falling behind is very difficult. The fact that in parallel with the slowing down of the brain, gradually removes the sense of reality and fear.

You think you’ll last another hour, you don’t understand the consequences of what, eyes closed, you can find yourself on the reverse side of the grass. So, if you go not one, tell that to the passengers, may they follow you, talking and in which case stop. It is necessary it only to you but to them.

In General, before a long trip is necessary to sleep. I’m telling you not as a journalist but as a person who once almost got run off the road due to the fact that the second plunged into microcon.

It was a Volvo, Packed with tracking systems for marking, retaining strip, monitor driver fatigue and other ancillary electronics. None of this has not helped me, I woke up from the shaking on the opposite side. I was lucky there were no cars, but might not be so lucky.

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