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Scientists have identified substantial benefits to people without a pair

Ученые выявили существенные преимущества людей без пары

Single people have many advantages compared to those who live with a husband or wife. Newspaper the Independent reviewed on the subject of different scientific research.

It turned out that single people on average have more friends in social networks and more actively communicate with them. The psychologists notice that friends, not family-related, it is very important for a good mood, especially in old age.

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Not having a pair people have more opportunities to develop physically. Studies have shown that single less prone to obesity and have a slim body.

At the same time, lonely people more time for creative development of his personality. Unmarried and unmarried are more motivated to receive more education and make a successful career.

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In January it became known that the sociologists of the University of California proved the dangers of cohabitation with women. The study then took part 1,100 people.

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