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Sberbank – money back

Сбербанк - деньги в зад

Suddenly received a text message from Sberbank, informing about the cancellation of my account with 250 sput., then debit card went negative, which in principle can not be. Well, I thought, that’s got to me too crackers cards, passwords and appearances.

After a call to the BEAC and understanding what is happening only a system failure, had to go to the nearest branch where I was horrified to find out that I enrolled two months ago, the money at stake $ 250 sput., decommissioned, replenishment recognized as a mistake and this is all a dream.

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Wrote a letter and on the way home I received notification of the return of 245 sput. to the card account. I called the Bank and interested in what is happening with magic – where are my 5 sput.? You, says he, enlisted 250 sput., but one bill has not passed the verification and has been returned to You (although credited only as much as was invested in the bill acceptor, i.e. 250 sput.), by the end, we have reviewed all of mulberries-beat – shorter came 245 sput..

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As you say, but as it is, they say. Makes, answers. Issued – today the call is still on – five our and that’s that! Tyranny, I say, so someone screwed up, and I have to pay? The court says, stop!

Mine just nasty and petty story. How to be? More likely to score, but to inform you think is necessary. Two months ago! What are they counted in six months, a year…

Thank you!

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