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Sberbank asks to postpone “the World” for three years

Сбербанк просит отложить "Мир" на три года

For transfer of budget on national payment card propose to introduce a transitional period

Budget organizations may move their employees on the payroll cards of the National system of payment cards (nvqs) from next year, and within three years. This will allow Sberbank to reduce the costs that inevitably would arise if the one-time transfer of all 30 million state employees. Not surprisingly, with a proposal for a transition period appealed to the Central Bank that is Sberbank.

State employees can obtain an additional three years in order to get used to receiving wages on the card “the World”, which produces the NPCs. These cards will replace the usual citizens of the international Visa and MasterCard. It was assumed that the transition to the new cards will happen from 1 January next year, however, the country’s largest Bank — Sberbank — has offered to extend this period of three years.

— The savings Bank requests to extend the deadline at least three years. The Bank felt that it would be logical to allocate the costs of card issuing at this period, — said the source “Izvestia” in the financial market.


According to him, Sberbank explains his proposal calculations, according to which a one-time release of 30 million cards will be very costly for the Bank.

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Moreover, such large-scale emission will lead to the regular occurrence of costs for the Bank, because every three years the card re-issued.

Is the impact on the profitability of every third year, because the average lifetime of a card is three years. This will result in the fall in the value of shares upon transfer of state — said the source “Izvestia”.

Sberbank declined to comment.

The law “About national payment system” suggests that over time, the people working in budget organizations, pensioners and social beneficiaries will receive all the money just for the card “the World”. The Bank thus can be anything. The law does not establish a specific timeframe for the transfer of such citizens in the Russian card, recalled “news” the representative of Bank of Russia. However, he confirmed the existence of initiatives on a phased transfer of public sector employees by the card “the World”.

— To clarify the timing and proposed these changes. While these terms — to ensure receipt of cards “the World” in their networks until 1 April 2017 and giving these cards to customers, the public sector until 1 January 2018 banks take into account the declared plans, — said the representative of the mega-regulator.

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Board member, Director of operations Department, VTB 24 (also one of the largest banks working with the public sector) Valery Chulkov refused to comment on the initiative of Sberbank, saying that VTB 24 is actively cooperating with the Central Bank on the issue of transfer of employees of the budgetary sphere on the card “the World”.

We strictly adhere to the schedule. In the past year the Bank has issued 400 thousand cards, this year we plan to increase portfolio to 1.4 million, the banker said, “Izvestia”.

One-time transfer of budget to the “World” a number of banks can indeed incur significant expenses, agrees Executive Director of the National payments Association (NPA) Maria Mikhailova.

— As a compromise suggested is quite reasonable. Correct to impose requirements on the transfer of state employees to the “World” after mass will begin issuance of the cards. A year from now is very short term, but a gradual, smooth transition is a good measure that can be considered, she said.

In nvqs, “Izvestia” reported that is ready for the transfer of their banks customers receiving money from the budget for the domestic “plastic”.

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