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Salary for life is not enough: the working poor was replaced by a survival strategy

Зарплаты на жизнь не хватает: работающие бедные сменили стратегию выживания

The Russians are tired of saving and willing to spend money, but that’s the economic situation in the country that does not contribute to: the real incomes declining, the salaries and pensions are indexed labor prices continue to rise. So the impoverished mass of the population looking for jobs, because many do not even have enough money to pay for communal, found researchers from the Institute for social policy studies. In other words, citizens have ceased to expect the state and moved to the tactics of survival on their own.

If the Russians cut expenditure on clothing, footwear, education and medicine, have now decided to learn, to heal and to dress well, and for that — more work. Compared to the previous year, as follows from the data of the HSE survey, households were more likely to use active strategies to attract additional sources of income — in particular, began to look for a part time job on the side.

The change in consumer strategy, people came for two reasons: opportunities for savings have been exhausted and there is an urgent need for some expenses which cannot be delayed further. For example, for housing and communal services did not have enough money each fourth Respondent, many were unable to buy medicine or time to make payment on the loans. Salvation to the impoverished of his own impoverished — probably thought the Russians, having lost any hope of ensuring the financial well-being of citizens by the state. Moreover, the yard is almost winter, buy warm shoes or clothing will not save you if you don’t want to freeze. However, many compatriots accustomed to live and survive, yet manage to tighten the belt in all situations: the passive strategy of adaptation to lower incomes by reducing consumption of goods remains the most popular — it is used by 74% of the families.

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The problem of the lack of funds for Essentials really is very serious: with cash difficulties in the last three months has faced 42% of families, and the poor from the point of view of consumer possibilities called himself a third of respondents. It is noteworthy that the most socially vulnerable categories in Russia are families with children. When one parent works and the second is sitting with a child or two, ends meet in our country to make very difficult. So a part time job in such cases is often not an alternative to savings as the only survival strategy. According to a study by the HSE, in June–September 2017 to seek higher earnings or attempt to do business started 25% of the surveyed families (although last year there were only 16%), another 23% of families have moved to active management of the farm.

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Of adds fuel to the fire growing concern over the negative changes on the labour market. The most common problems are complaining about working citizens, began the decline of wages and delays in payment. Many have to go on freelancing as your only source of income in the capital alone, one in five people provides itself with the work. The most popular types of “free” activities: cooking, cosmetic and medical services, sales grown in the gardens.

Working poor — a unique feature for a huge group of the population. The explanation for this phenomenon, the Director of the Institute for social analysis and forecasting Ranhigs Tatyana Maleva sees that thus the challenges of market development adapted to the labor market: low wages at high employment.

So unemployment people have ceased to be afraid, said the pollster VTSIOM Leonty Byzov. “The majority of Russians believes that any work or income they will find, not necessarily official. Secondary earnings and “trash” correspond to our mentality and are part of the economic culture of the country”, — the expert believes.

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