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Russia’s GDP lowered in a Golden bowl

ВВП России спускают в золотой унитаз

Success in the economy in contrast to the policy of our government in recent years can not boast. It is not in special conditions (climate, sanctions, demographics), and the ineffectiveness of the management system, says former Advisor-analyst of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Sergey Samarin…


– Paradox: the incomes of the leading oil and gas powers do not allow not that worthy, but at least acceptable life, says our expert. – The ruling party 12 years ago, promised a doubling of GDP, but only doubled military spending, and the life of Russians has worsened.

In 1960, in a similar situation, Japan set the goal of doubling GDP and population income over the same 10 years. And it worked! And dealt with it early! There is a lot to learn.

But our councilors go for the experience not in Tokyo but in Paris. Go to the French experience. Undertaken structural reforms, the local MPs has reduced by a third legislative power, that is, themselves. And we can only grow assistants. The mechanism of recall of deputies by voters and there are no examples of opinion. Deprivation of Gudkova mandate-and Pekhtin has occurred from-for scandal with undeclared property and fled abroad Mitrofanov and Ponomarev were paid regularly.

In the countries with developed democracy MPs accountable to voters and so the first thing defending their interests, not the government and oligarchs. Our Deputy corps, by contrast, takes an almost entirely restrictive and prohibitive laws only benefit the government and big business.

Russia’s economy is stagnating, but on more than 1.5 million officials the money is. By the way, since 2000, the number had doubled with an average salary of 111 thousand rubles.

To evaluate the effectiveness of their activities may be at least in the most revealing of bureaucratic divisions, the Antimonopoly service. Only in its Central office employs 2,500 people. In the EU in recent years was brought about 800 antitrust cases. Only 800. In Russia for the year – 67 thousand.

We cooler? As it is not so!

In the EU the minimum turnover of erring firms were $ 800 million, and FAS did not hesitate even individual entrepreneurs – provides a job, along with judges and bailiffs.

To curb the greed, in my opinion, two factors differentiated taxes on income and luxury and rigid reaction of the authorities to immodesty and corruption. However, submitted to the Duma a law was once again blocked by the faction “United Russia”.

Restrictions on exorbitant spending of budget funds in government agencies also do not work then float the purchase of luxury Mercedes price to 11.2 million rubles in Samara and Bashkiria, – the Golden bowl for 8 million rubles the administration of the YNAO.

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Maybe we should require officials to cover the difference in cost luxury and conventional models out of your pocket? The toilet and leave the administration to the users thought the costs of each visit to the toilet?


The results of the financial year have not been announced yet, but in 2016, the profit of the banks with state participation amounted to 930 billion rubles, which is 5 times more than the former. Where? After all, the economy is not growing.

Let me remind you: the government in 2013-2015 to support industry has allocated 3.3 billion rubles, but these funds were transferred to the profit of the banks actually bonuses to top managers for outstanding work.

More difficult with budget-state corporations: their reporting is opaque, incomes, wages, bonuses, management is not publicized. Although it is known that the daily salary of a manual compared to an annual pension of inhabitants of a small village. The question is not only of morality but in that of the effectiveness of the control in question.

Thus, in the Leningrad region found 1/3 of the pipeline in Priozersk, which documents are fully built, spending 1.8 billion state roubles.

If we continue this chain of examples, the implementation of the project “Power of Siberia – 2 and Nord stream – 2” is bursting at the seams, and this is hundreds of billions. Not surprisingly, the shares of Gazprom for 10 years, fell by 2.5 times. What is surprising is the number of its employees for 15 years with the decline of gas production has doubled.

With billions of dollars in profit, Rosneft creation of processing facilities is not engaged. Gazprom, though with difficulty, but building a complex for production of liquefied gas. And oil companies are investing in doubtful Venezuela, with whom China has a two-year suspended cooperation because of non-payment.

She Rosneft owes China $ 35 billion and is forced to supply oil to China on unprofitable conditions.

While we continue to forgive the debts of “friendly regimes”. Only since 2000, Russia has written off its partners 140 billion dollars, as was recently done that Kyrgyzstan, forgiving her 240 million dollars.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov warns of excessive military expenditures, similar to the last years of the Soviet Union. However, to deal with them in the closeness of these budget lines difficult. But it is easy to understand how effectively they are used.

Secrecy has repeatedly led to the overpricing of military equipment: tanks “Armata”, and air defense systems/PRO C500 and the new generation fighters T-50. Here such a little, purchase for special forces Glock pistols at a price four times higher than the market…

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In 1889 at the world exhibition in Paris, Russia exhibited a cubic meter of topsoil as the Foundation and the key to nutritional wellbeing. The return of land to private hands again turned our country into a leading world grain exporter. However, 80% of the grain – fodder, that is the cheapest.

Reclaimed land in the United States account for 40%, China 54%, Russia – 7,8%.

For 20 years, the country seems to have provided ourselves with pork and chicken, but beef production has decreased three times, milk yields fell from 2 million tons to 631 thousand. Power greenhouses do not provide the country’s needs in vegetables. So cauliflower is the price of broiler chicken.

Worldwide agriculture relies on family farms, and in Russia on agricultural holdings, dictating the prices of products and processing. Raw milk going to the consumers, more expensive three times, butter – by 60%. Same with meats, cereals, canned food. The government and banks is much easier to work with large companies, not farmers. The result of this policy we clearly see on price tags in stores.

In conventional units (u. e) utilization of the territory: the US is 2.4. E. PRC – 1,87. E. RF of 0.1. E. of Course, in the Russian Federation a significant part of the territory is in the permafrost zone. But it was there – gas, oil, Nickel, diamonds, that is the main fillers of the budget, which only underlines the highly inefficient use of the rest of the territory.

Of the Corporation, participating in the division of the budget itself, of course, won’t offend, as evidenced by the scandal of Anatoly Chubais, who told his colleagues at RUSNANO that the money they have Nemer. And this despite the fact that the results of the work of the Corporation itself are negligible.

Our economy is like a colander, from which flow budget flows. On the way these flows set a kind tees that are controlled by stakeholders. They divert part of the funds offshore. The volume of such leads experts estimate that three-quarters of GDP. It is clear that unlike the rocket “Union-2.1 b”, killing 19 satellites, these tees are working properly.

Is it possible to speak about effectiveness where direct lines with the President of the citizens are begging him to solve their problems? I hope they are not on the official power only for good: suddenly, their question will be selected among millions of others, publicly announced and may be solved. As they say, the efficiency is lower than that of the engine.


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