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Russians almost never interested in a smartphone with NFC module

Statistics is a funny thing, which is very well illustrated by the example of the Russian smartphone market: domestic Telecom operators vying shouting about unprecedented growth in sales of mobile phones with built-in NFC module that is the pure truth. However, at the same time, the overall share of such devices is still very small, so the question arises — what the results were taken for comparison, which compared them with indicators of 2015 turned out to be explosive?

As far as I know, the comparison is with year 2014, and “Beeline” the number of NFC phones has increased 1.5 times, whereas MegaFon is broadcasting on the doubling, and only MTS have brought the percentage: the proportion of NFC-enabled smartphones from the number on its network has increased to 20% vs. 13% a year earlier. The network of “Svyaznoy” reported that the number of NFC-based smartphones in Russia in 2015 has increased to 18% instead of 16% in 2014. “The messenger” sold about 4.7 million of such pipes, or 4 percent more compared to 201 a year.

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This shows that the presence or absence of NFC module in the mobile phone is not important for Russians, since in most cities of Russia the payment for goods and services are often done in cash, and the lack of terminals in stores are still the norm. About contactless payments, of course, no one stutters. About the capital of our country it is not — in these cities the NFC is in high demand, including when travel costs: in Moscow, for example, five months ago launched a service “Moscow ticket”.

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