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Russian su-34 was intercepted over the Baltic sea

Российский Су-34 перехватили над Балтикой

F-16 fighter jets of the air forces of Denmark, based on the Lithuanian Siauliai air base, rose to intercept Russian su-34 in a controlled NATO airspace in the Baltic region. On Friday, January 26, reported at the headquarters of the air force of the Alliance.

The day before, 25 January, NATO radar stations detected movement of the aircraft, which was not sent to the transponder not been in touch with dispatchers and did not provide a flight plan. It is noted that it followed from the mainland Russia to Kaliningrad, his route lay over international waters near the airspace that controls NATO.

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To identify the aircraft in the air were raised two Danish F-16. After completing the mission they returned to their station.

On 9 September it was reported that the Belgian F-16 fighter jets from the mission NATO air policing in the Baltic States was accompanied in the sky over international waters of the Baltic sea, two Russian su-27 fighter.

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