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Russian skiers were deprived of their medals Sochi 2014 and got suspended for life

Российских лыжников лишили медалей Сочи-2014 и отстранили пожизненно

Russian skiers Alexander Legkov and Yevgeny Belov proven guilty of violating the anti-doping code in Sochi in 2014. Their results shown at the Olympics will be cancelled

IOC recognized passenger cars and Belov guilty of violating doping rules at the Olympics. RBC said the head of the Federation of ski races of Russia Elena Vjalbe.

“Now we only got short notice. The operative part nobody had ever seen,” she said.

The decision on disqualification of passenger cars and Belov was taken on the outcome of the disciplinary Commission of the IOC under the leadership of Denis Oswald. The results of both athletes at the Olympics in Sochi will be forfeited. The IOC published the decision on disqualification, demanded that the Olympic Committee of Russia followed the return of the medals and execution.

In addition to the cancellation of the results, the IOC made the decision on lifelong disqualification of passenger cars and Belov. They will not be able to participate in the Olympics in 2018 and other competitions conducted by the IOC.

At the Olympics in Sochi, Legkov won gold in the race for 50 km and silver in the relay and came tenth in the skiathlon. All these results are considered invalid, and the medals should be returned to the IOC.

Silver in the relay along with the Automobile has won Dmitry yaparov, Alexander Bessmertnykh, Maxim Vylegzhanin. They will also have to return their medals to the IOC. Japarov has already stated that he is ready to give her a medal only if other members of the national team of Russia will take the same decision. “I think guys are sued. I know that they weren’t doing anything, didn’t take. Acted like all the guys: if they say that we should give a medal to give, I will not say no. It has not turned so that I gave, and the guys left, or Vice versa,” said Japarov Agency TASS.

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Sochi’s impact: what threatens Russian sports IOC decision

The silver relay is the Russians will be the French, which began in Sochi in third. Bronze goes to the Norwegians.

Olympic champion in race on 50 km at the moment is considered the Maxim Vylegzhanin, who came second in the marathon. The silver will get another Russian Ilia Chernousov, bronze — Norwegian Martin Sundby.

Belov among the winners of the Olympics not included. In the skiathlon in Sochi, he was the eighteenth in race on 15 km classical style — 25-M. These results cancelled.

Federation of ski races of Russia to challenge the decision on the disqualification of athletes. “We, of course,” we will appeal,” — said RBC Vyalbe.

Sports lawyer, partner of law firm SILA International lawyers Mikhail Prokopets in conversation with RBC said that within 21 days “after receipt of the text of the decision of the IOC” athletes need to appeal to the Lausanne court of appeal.

“The decision not to something unexpected. From the IOC some sort of sympathy, mercy or understanding should not expect, based on how events unfolded last year and this. If athletes are confident in their rightness, I would recommend them to appeal to the Lausanne court of appeal. Before the Olympics there is still time,” explained Prokopets.

According to him, the precedents of the adoption of the Lausanne court’s decision against the IOC. “There is a chance. You should try, while there is the slightest chance. It all depends on Lausanne court of arbitrators, what will be the arguments. The decision of the IOC not any indicator, at least for me, because there are certain matters to the IOC,” added Prokopets.

Awards of the Russian skiers — the first medals won by the Russian team in Sochi that the Russian team will be forced to return. Other results shown by the national team in Sochi, remains in force. The IOC continues to hear cases against Russian representatives of other sports, including the biathlon and bobsleigh. If Legkov and Belov will be the only Russians, whose Sochi results will be cancelled, the national team of Russia will retain first place in the overall standings. Until the decision of the IOC Legkov and Belov on account of the Russian team 33 medals (13 — 11 — 9), now it will be 31, while the Norwegians won at the Olympics in Sochi with 26 medals (11 — 5 — 10).

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After the publication of the report of the independent Commission WADA under the leadership of Richard McLaren six Russian skiers were suspended from participation in competitions. Speech at that moment was not about the suspension, and the suspension during the investigation. In addition to passenger cars and Belov, among those athletes included Alexey Petukhov, Maxim Vylegzhanin, Evgenia Shapovalova and Julia Ivanova. Was also temporarily suspended from participation in competitions representatives of other sports, but then the sanctions against them were dropped.

IOC in 2016, announced the establishment of two committees, which currently operate under the leadership of Denis Oswald and Samuel Schmid. Oswald reviewing the data about fraudulent doping tests at the Olympic games in Sochi, which indicated in its report, the McLaren. The Commission’s Schmid is to search for evidence of the existence in Russia doping system, supported at the highest state level. The results of the investigation of these commissions, the IOC will take a decision on the admission of the Russian national team to participate in the Olympics in Pyeongchang.


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