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Russian scientists re-wrote an appeal to Putin without waiting for a response first

Российские ученые написали повторное обращение к Путину, не дождавшись ответа на первое

More than four hundred Russian scientists — members of the academic “Club, July 1” — re-wrote an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to TASS, in the letter, the scientists are talking about the need to return to the domestic science a special status and self-government.

“Many of us working in the USSR — in many ways a free country, feel at the time free in his research. The feeling of freedom, so necessary in scientific work, now vanishes in the grip of specialists in financial statements. The situation requires immediate action at the level of the highest leadership of Russia. Science in Russia should be returned to the special status and self — government,” the letter reads.

The first appeal to Putin, the scientists were sent to the end of 2017. In it, in particular, stated that “the vast majority of the academic body” complained the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences, that “the style and methods of work of FANO interfere with academic activities.” The authors of the letter asked the President to change the legal status of wounds and to return under its leadership of scientific institutions.

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In mid-February, scientists have answered their appeal. However, not from the presidential administration and the Ministry of education and science, as this issue relates to the conduct of the government, not the presidential Administration. The response of the Ministry of education, which took 1.5 pages, it was also applied to the explanation of FANO, where officials have listed the functions and tasks of the Agency. After this the researchers decided to send their appeal to the head of the state again.

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Federal Agency of scientific organizations of the Federal Executive authority, is the founder and owner of Federal property assigned to subordinate organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Agency was created 27 Sep 2013 in the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences. As a result, RAS was merged with the academies of medical and agricultural Sciences. The member organizations of the Academy, and their property was transferred to the management of a new Federal Agency — FANO Russia. January 8, 2014 Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved a list 1007 of scientific institutions, subordinated to the Agency. At the beginning of June 2015, the government approved the rules of coordination between FANO and wounds.

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