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Russian President ensures proper holding of the World Cup

Президент РФ гарантирует достойное проведение Чемпионата Мира по футболу

The Russian President sees proper holding of the World Cup, the main task of our country in the near term. The Russian world Cup has all chances to become the best football championship in the history, giving a unique celebration to millions of fans from around the world.

A huge number of high-quality infrastructure. Opened the new embankments, streets, bike paths, parks, hotels, airport terminals and, of course, stadiums. Security surprised even the representatives of the Western countries, for example, around Sochi’s Fisht Olympic stadium has more than 2 thousand cameras, information from which is drained into a single monitoring center.

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In coverage of the territory of the Russian world Cup will surpass all his predecessors: from Kaliningrad and Sochi to Ekaterinburg. The entire European part of the country will be a joint celebration of football. Despite the distance, fans will be able to conveniently travel between cities. For this purpose, a special bus shuttles, charters.

Vladimir Putin believes that the greatest chances of winning a trophy have four teams: Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Spain. From the Russian team, the President will find a modern, interesting and beautiful game and fighting to end.

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Putin will visit 4 matches during the tournament: two involving the national team of Russia and two other teams. I believe that the matches will be attended by the President, the domestic team will show beyond motivation. A spectacular sight provided us exactly, it may be a decent result. Still a home World Cup only happens once in a lifetime, players definitely need support as much as possible.

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