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Russian culture as a looting of the Treasury

Российская культура как грабеж казны

The revolutionary material that have surfaced lately, it is definitely the payroll of the heads of all important cultural institutions.

Excuse me, but these people are freaking out. For a salary of more than 350 thousand. all members of the leadership of the first number of museums, institutes and theatres need to ostracize and confiscation. Among the heads of agencies at the Federal level, but the second row, the limit should be 250 thousand Provincials from seedy theatres and academies for a salary of more than 150 thousand, to beat with a whip.

This is incredible! You’ll see! The provincial rectors of Tyumen, Chelyabinsk and East Siberian Institute of culture have salaries in the 240-290 thousand rubles, which is twice more than the rector of the Moscow Institute of culture.

A few more figures.

The salary of the General Director of the Kremlin – nearly a million a month. Four of her Deputy and chief accountant receive 500-600 thousand. The Director of the Museum “Chersonese” wrote himself a salary of 221 thousand. The Director of the Museum-estate “Abramtsevo” receives 338 thousand roubles, Arkhangelsk Museum of wooden architecture will be 236 thousand rubles. In the Museum “Lenin hills” the Director and Deputy salaries 200-270 thousand rubles.

In the Central Museum of the great Patriotic war the salaries of the Director and five of his deputies and accountant 350-420 thousand. Per month. In the Museum of Peterhof that such state managers: the General Director, the President, six Vice-Director, head of exhibition services, head of service for conservation and research of cultural heritage, chief architect, head of branch and chief accountant. All but the head of branch and Deputy for the technical part, salaries are from 300 thousand And for the entrance to Peterhof Park and for photography, which by law is free, do you know how many fights?

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You know what is the Museum-estate “Ostafyevo” – “Russian Parnassus” or Museum Association. Glinka? No? And the Directors of these museums mnogochastichnye salary.

There is a Museum, Academy and theatres, where the Deputy or chief accountants are getting much more Director.

There are Kekhman at the Novosibirsk theater, which earned nearly half a million in a month. And it is unclear how many earned at the Mikhailovsky. Is Yuri Solomin, which costs us about 746 thousand in a month, Oleg Tabakov – 956 thousand, Tatiana Doronina – almost half a million.

Andrey Moguchy, you know, as you did last year? More than 600 thousand per month. Rimas Tuminas at the Vakhtangov Theatre – 600 thousand. Mironov in the Theater of Nations is 458 thousand. This famous theatre, such consummate artistic Director! Subsidies in 2015 has received the theater more than 400 million RUB

Director of the Moscow Philharmonic society earned every month half a million. Artistic Director of the ensemble. Moses – 425 thousand.
Especially difficult in St. Petersburg. Tsiskaridze – almost 600 thousand per month. Piotrovsky is over 800 thousand. Director of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic – 976 thousand a month! The Director of “bublichki” Likhomanov 1.2 million Gergiev – 12 million! And writes him a salary chief accountant, receiving more than 600 thousand. The climate in St. Petersburg has what?

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I remember how my accusations of inhumanity saying Piotrowski that Russians time to stop being a redneck and start to pay for entrance to the Hermitage as foreigners, the Hermitage was advised to go to the Museum free days. I then went. Pregnant, defended in the winter turn, was obmateril protection for the request to put at least to bask in the Hermitage did not get. If I knew what the salary of Mr. Piotrovsky, my adventures would have been described much tougher.

They tell us that they have competitive wages. Comparable to the European. Well, well. Just do not understand why the Director of the Museum and Philharmonic European salary, the Museum caretaker or violinist – our native 8-10 thousand a month?

They tell us that if we pay less, the specialists leave for abroad. Kekhman, whether that will go riding on a banana? Yevgeny Mironov? Or the rector of the Tyumen Institute of culture Shishkin? Maybe there really looking forward to our accountants and theatrical managers, napisavshij of his salary in half? Even if you are waiting, let them go, the loss will be small…

All this subsidized culture should fuck to disperse. Just so… to Disperse and leave their bare, one-on-one competition.

And then got the hang of it, raving about some market, to launch their hands into the public pocket – scrubbing from his ordinary janitors and miners…

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