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Russian businessmen have lost the country

Как российские бизнесмены прошляпили страну

Greed, short-sightedness and cowardly verhoelst entrepreneurs brought the power to disaster.

The entire Internet is filled with complaints of our businessmen about the madness of the authorities, who decided to finally rip off the last skin of business or even to put its creators on the world. Manifold increase in the tax on property and land, growth of tariffs of state monopolies, the new draconian rules of currency regulation, the permit of the criminal prosecution of shareholders of the enterprises with the budget, judicial lawlessness and the growing administrative pressure — that only a small part of what every day your business faces Russia. But who is to blame? The answer is very simple: to a large extent, the business of Russia.

Our business, alas, are the heirs of the slave mentality that has been cultivated in Russia for centuries, but particularly the last 100 years.

Politics and business are two sides of the same coin. To divide them it is impossible: political power always expresses and supports material interests of certain classes or social groups. Authorities generally, unaddressed and the “national” in nature does not exist yet.

Our business, which over the last 20-25 years have been able to create capital (no matter how big or small, honest or even with the help of some tricks — if only no serious crime!), I sincerely thought they all came dolce vita — just enough “not to meddle in politics.” Naively believing that deftly caught the tail of the bird of happiness, they entered, for the most part, in shameful collusion with the current government. She swore, swore: politics not for business, but only “for politicians”, and if still more rude to those who already possessed this same power.

This solution was removed from entrepreneurs a lot of problems. For example, why the business to Fund politicians, parties, social movements or the media, if they are not embedded in a system of vertical and had not received its support? I well remember the time when it was possible to preserve and develop, for example, (social-democratic in its essence) people’s party, which at that time consisted of a few dozen deputies in single-mandate candidates (the Golden Fund of our policies) and then maintained a high level of independence from the teams of the Kremlin (unlike other Pro-Kremlin parties). However, the vast majority of the serious business answered: “We all know it is important and necessary for the future of Russia. We are in principle willing to help. But… let us at least (if not guidance) nod from the Kremlin that you can Finance it.” But upstairs had already headed for authoritarianism and therefore feared any independent political associations. Of course, in addition to the simple tricks and historical cowardice of many entrepreneurs corny Globalis. Pretending to be apolitical and neutral, other businessmen, with downcast eyes, quietly said: “Sorry, we (our company) is out of politics and did not Finance”.

Entrepreneurs (those were the vast majority) naively hoped for many contract with the government: we don’t bother you to steer us and you — earn. So in Russia, the policy was separated from the economy.

But the laws because the laws that operate regardless of whether we know about their existence and do we understand their meaning. Thrown up the rock inevitably falls down, and the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection.

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Preserving business in the political Affairs very soon the power in the country were fully captured by the bureaucratic nomenclature that wanted to possess the power to solve two main problems: 1) rapid enrichment and impunity; 2) creating mechanisms for the “eternal” of the Board that the enrichment and social and other preferences would persist the item if not forever, then life.

As a result of this gosustroystva officials began to multiply with frightening speed, and all that they are capable of, having acquired power, to make prohibitions and restrictions — has become the Foundation of the doctrine of fast and ultra-fast enrichment. They have taken thousands of prohibitions and restrictions, “stupid” (really elaborate) laws and regulations, as well as countless and meaningless validation of their performance have become the main weapon of the officials in the weaning business of its share. Legislatively eliminating all sorts of controls over their activities, officials of the item did corrupt enrichment is the inalienable privilege of all the bureaucratic vertical. But there is a model of the economy one absolutely insoluble problem: a system of enrichment sooner or later begins to choke and to destroy the economy, cut the branch on which rests the welfare of the job vertically. That is why today the country was hit by economic (or indeed systemic) crisis, which will inevitably destroy the system of nomenclature “feeding”.

Of course, having crushed under itself and is actually turning into appendages of the bureaucratic vertical of the Parliament, courts, political parties, public organizations and major media, turning it into a hypocritical farce, political competition and elections, giving tremendous powers of the repressive apparatus, bureaucratic nomenclature can hold out for a number of years. For these purposes, you can even organize a “victorious Patriotic” war, constantly improve the degree of hysteria about the “hostile environment” and protection of some unique national values. In such circumstances, it is easy to unleash the persecution of its political opponents, accusing them of the worst conspiracies and criminal preparations, even to start the mechanism of political repression.

But all this (and much more) is just guy time to large economic (read — system) collapse, which will inevitably be followed by social and political upheaval.

Business of Russia, namely the majority of those of its representatives that stated “we are beyond politics” and the servile obsequiousness rushed to fulfill any whim of the officials of the vertical, directly to blame for future disasters. They shamefully withdrew from funding and formation of normal system of government, development of political competition, creating in the government establishment of mechanisms of checks and balances, support the independence of the courts and the media. Roughly speaking, the Lord’s business, bright future of Russia (and his own) you just question whether.. Now you have to either leave the country, and then only to those who have already managed to create the “over the hill” spare the harbour. Or to live “as all” without money and hopes for a better future…

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Because of your greed, short-sightedness and cowardly of verhoelst current regime today you are carrying billions of dollars in losses, ruined batches and moan from excessive levies and eliminate the business tax. Bureaucratic nomenclature, which has brought the economy to handle, today for your account (and all other citizens, too) makes your skin, plugging lethal to businesses methods (last?) holes in the Federal and regional budgets. (Later, these budgets will be, as usual, largely stolen.) Tax authorities, commissions, courts and the police ordered no one to have compassion and to be cruel to those who do not want to share. You expect fed you vertical something else? Repentance, sacrifice, austerity, understanding and sympathy? Are you really so naive and stupid or just pretend to be once again in the vain hope that your servile whining and pathetic cause zavarovalna vertical go to you on concessions? Not this.

What was sown then and has grown. Thought that the policy will not come to you? Yes, they will, more than once, only now in the adult form. In the face of a ruthless robber-racketeer reproof gospelnoticias, some of the modern “surplus” that executes the order of his “extraordinary Commission” on the “salvation of the Fatherland.” No reason to complain: you, good Sirs, been around for 25 years, to try to make policy more decent and fit for your prosperity.

Can you imagine how many reproaches will fall to me. Remember “public flogging” of Yukos and landing Khodorkovsky, the criminal case on the oligarchs and ordinary mortals entrepreneurs. Convenient excuse for people who are used every day to risk their lives and freedom (I’m talking about doing business in Russia say). You boldly created offshore, fearlessly duped tax inspections, with the risk of going to jail to withdraw capital and with less risk has supplied goods and services. Customs, tax inspection, administrative authorities, police, investigators and prosecutors is not much you frightened, isn’t it? And go to jail in Russia needs to be ready to every businessman, even if he’s whiter than snow is the case: just everyone can become a victim of the raiders or the corruption of the order.

Of course, in Russia were and still are hundreds of entrepreneurs who are not afraid of possible reprisals and continued to support the opposition. Honor and praise them. Someday their names will be known throughout the country as the names of people who committed civil feat. But, alas, today they are in the minority and are not yet able to strongly influence the political situation in the country.

Others prefer cowardly to sit in a trench and watch the battle from the sidelines. What to such as you, the current economic policy of the government is popular and clearly will bring the Surgeon Zaldostanov. In vain, perhaps, he is now the main newsmakers of the Russian economic forums. Or Spring with the working conditions. If you happen to be really bad will be directly to them and ask. It is unlikely to help, but somehow diversify your humdrum life.

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