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Russian air defense demonstrated their effectiveness in attack on base “Hamim” in Syria

Российские ПВО показали свою эффективность в ходе атаки на базу "Хмеймим" в Сирии

Russia and the United States occupy a leading position in the world in the export of weapons and military equipment, and the sympathy of buyers often get the Russian product. This is due not only to the quality and efficiency produced by Russian arms, but his relative nedorogoe. The increased demand for Russian military hardware, in particular, means of defense, appeared after the “demonstrations” of its effectiveness in Syria, another of which occurred on the eve of the night on 1 and 2 July.

According to recent reports, the Russian air base “Hamim” in Syria twice was subject to an attack UAV. As a result of attack nobody suffered, and all the drones were destroyed before the approach to the target. According to some sources, firing on the enemy drones have carried out anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes “Carapace-s”, responsible for the near cover on the base.

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It is worth noting that the air defense of Russian bases in Syria has a two-tier system. Complexes “Carapace-s”, as already noted, responsible for the near cover bases, and s-400 – for control of airspace at medium and long distances. Thus, thanks to the joint air defense system can not only ensure the safety of protected objects, but also efficient use of available resources.

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In this regard, a growing number of military experts say that Russian air defenses, especially the s-400 are far superior to the characteristics of their foreign counterparts. Perhaps this is what caused the increase in demand for this type of Russian military equipment. Moreover, a similar situation is observed not only in defensive but also offensive weapons.

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