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Russia without heroes: why is they frontin ‘ degenerates

Россия без героев: почему вместо них нам подсовывают дегенератов

I have never had any desire to ask a question Vladimir Putin. Neither Direct line nor anywhere else. However, like any other authorities. Because all conversations with her dead end.

 But after the “Straight line” on June 7 I suddenly had this desire. And my question would be as follows: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, who are the heroes of today’s Russia? There are they? And if there is, why are we constantly slips degenerates as role models?”

I myself sincerely believe that the characters are not from the past but from the present — from Russia, of course. In any sphere. By Alexander Ovechkin and Yuri Bondarev to Roman Filipov and George Velikanova. That’s just about it you really can not tell. Except that on occasion. But in Prime time you slipped another degenerates.

We used to see them on durkovatye talk show, ha ha the programs in the series, but they found even the “Straight line”. There where people in desperation, begging the President to solve their problems. School is closed, the diagnosis is incorrect, the documents are not issued — a monstrous palette of troubles.

And against this background — with fanfare presented — there are bloggers who climb to the President with stupid questions about blogging and the closure of social networking. Bloggers are like the hipsters of porn actors. And the President answers them. And him and the people shoved these degenerates as leaders of public opinion. Allow them to speak as if of the total Internet audience, from young people.

I was not more worthy? Someone moved them in the first row? The bearded major, blazer and Moscow at Ferrari? Or silicone-boteksnoe girl accustomed to talk about oral sex and sneezing like a little orgasm? Girl, yesterday reflects on porn, gives the President a stupid question.

I don’t believe it was an accident, and the organizers of the “Straight line” is simply not prepared. No, this action is spelled out in detail by the script. We saw how, solving the problem, Putin immediately gained the Governor, and he mumbled the pre-learned text. On the “Straight line” each appeal is selective. Random questions to the President do not fall. That silicon girl with mazhoristy a hipster was talking decorations in questionable performance. They were given the word, because it had to. They were forced upon the viewer. Exactly the same as imposing other degenerates, over which we laughed at first, annoying after wincing, and eventually resigned.

You’re used to the fact that in political talk shows radioactive vegetable Kovtun, entertainment peredachka — careerist Diana Shurygina, the main singer of the country — Olya Buzova, and the main presenter Andrey Malakhov, in the evenings, exploring the linen of the teacher who got pregnant from her 15-year-old student. We actually all got used to it. We learned to get used to it.

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You can say by sending retrospective Hello Titomir: well, people hawala.

It is true, Yes. The intellectual level of the population is catastrophic.

But what is the root cause?

It is not only that people wanted to be stupid, but that he was forced to do it, from morning to evening feeding durkovatye mud.

At first you resist, when instead of the soup kharcho you shoved French fries, but you get used to it, and after learning to understand that there is good food in principle. They become you are just not interesting. You used to live on fast food. And intelligent food.

But it is, in fact, more than just a conspiracy. It, actually, as in the novels of Umberto Eco, could not be originally — it appeared later, by himself. This is the conspiracy, when all the surrounding become participants. They don’t run them — on the contrary, he manages them. The shepherds leading his flock to a brighter future, as blind as their flocks. Together they March to the abyss, to fold down, exactly in the gospel story, led by folly, always combined with arrogance and overconfidence.

In Russia today, built the matrix, which from morning to evening shows us degenerates. They are so emboldened that managed to run for President. Yesterday you were in a porno movie with Timothy, and today think about the future of the country that gave you 4% of the vote. Say, isn’t that the plan? Isn’t it the matrix that, like SkyNet, has begun to function on its own to enslave humanity? We are every time convinced that the “House-2” is not serious that this is temporary and for a specific audience, but this leper action has been going for over 10 years, supplying the “stars” on TV and the stage, and most importantly — it brought up a whole generation. Those that will worship degenerates.

Many today are confused Poklonskaya or Spring in the state Duma, but, believe me, the time will come when instead they will sit Buzova and silicone blogers taking the law in between thinking about condoms. This is the future that we are craftable right now, confidently and persistently.

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Never tire of quoting of Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “Stupidity is worse than malice”. So. The main evil is brainless creatures, penetrating into every sphere, in every house and packing it into nonsense, just-in-felt. This is a crucial pedagogical and together with the semantic time when role models are those who by example lead the country and its people to degenerate. We suffocate that Rozanov was called the “triumphant infiltration of the tavern”.

I am sure that the country deserves its heroes, but heroes form the country. They set the tone, mood, form the nation. It is, in General, banal things. That’s why in any country so important to the cult of heroes. They are needed in both the long and short term.

The hero is not only a legend from the epic, but an example that we are seeing every day on television. A generation brought up on the Gagarin, staring into space; a generation brought up on the degenerates, thirsty hype and vaping and nothing more.

 Judging by what is happening in Russia, we fixated on the second. “Direct line” with bloggers, stupidity and smeared the silicone around the screen, it is once again confirmed. Perhaps the President wants in Russia, he was the only hero. But if he really wants a jerk, which constantly says, the country needs to give the true heroes, not questionable characters at the best of times and in a pigsty, would not be allowed.

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