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Russia will present the world a new generation of missiles, which has no analogues

Россия представит миру ракету нового поколения, у которой нет аналогов

From 23 to 26 may will take place the fifth international exhibition “KADEX 2018”, in which Russia definitely will show that. It is expected that our designers will present to the world a new generation of missiles, which has no analogues.

In the framework of the exhibition “KADEX 2018”, which very soon will be held in Astana, Moscow will demonstrate the unique missile “anti-tank”. This aircraft missile has a caliber of 80 millimeters, and is designed to engage targets as in the open space and in specialized shelters. However, these characteristics are all features of the new achievements of Russian designers, of course, not limited.

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“Anti-tank” is equipped with high penetrating warhead, allowing it to inflict much more damage than other similar shells. As the developers of the missile in its power superior to all those that were used previously. But the main feature of “anti-tank” – the ability to “customize” its fuse.

That is, the missile can explode not only in direct contact with the object, but in advance. Moreover, the explosion may occur even after the projectile has already passed through any surface. Thus, “anti-tank” will act differently, depending on the purpose of the one who produces the starting. This displays the new Russian rocket on a completely different level.

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It is assumed that “anti-tank” will be installed on the su-25 and helicopters Mi-8, making the Russian VKS will become more effective. Experts note that the serial production of these shells, only a matter of time. In addition, in the near future “anti-tank Riflemen” can be launched and exported. In any case, the demonstration of this unique rocket in Astana will not remain without attention of the world community. After such exhibitions usually appears many who want to enter into a contract for the supply of the latest Russian weapons.

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