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Russia was accused of buying world Cup

Россию обвинили в покупке ЧМ

Member of the International biathlon Union said that his colleague received an envelope with money for the support of Tyumen at the election of the venue of the world Championships 2021

One of the officials of the International biathlon Union (IBU) announced that at the General meeting in 2016, its members received a bribe for the vote in favor of the choice of Tyumen as the venue of the world Cup — 2021, reports Suddeutsche Zeitung.

Writes the biggest daily newspaper of Germany, the elections took place at the IBU Congress in Chisinau.

According to officials, one of the participants received an envelope with money in exchange for votes in favor of the Russian city.

Noticed a glaring injustice a member of the IBU immediately reported this to the then head of the world biathlon Andres Besseberg to. However, the Norwegian President of the IBU to investigate refused.

Told about the bribe, the official wished to remain anonymous. Despite this, he is ready to testify in court.

According to the witness, the representative of the IBU received from the Russian side from €25 to € 100 thousand

At the Congress, which took place on 4 September 2016, the application of Tyumen won with 25 votes. 13 members of the IBU voted in Slovenian Pokljuka, 11 chose the Czech Nove mesto. However, due to the doping scandal Siberian city in early 2017 deprived of the right of the competition.

“I’m happy with this decision. IBU did the right thing. The world Cup is best done anywhere but not in Russia. In biathlon, there are rules. The most important thing is to be honest in sport and in life. If you cheat — it’s very sad. You should respect the rules”, — said the famous Czech biathlete Gabriela Soukalova.

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Governor of Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev in March 2018, said that the region intends to re-bid to host the world Cup.

According to him, this will be done after the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) will be restored to the status.

“All rested only one moment when the World anti-doping Agency (WADA) recognizes the rights of RUSADA. Only this question today does not allow us to move. But there is a road map, it is working together, we hope that all will succeed. And if by June-July this story will take place in September, we will be able to reapply to host the world Cup,” said Yakushev, the TV channel “Match TV”.

The idea of a return to the tournament in Tyumen reacted positively and Besseberg.

“Today, I can’t give you a clear answer to this question, since we are in a situation when the journalist does not match the code of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA). Still need to solve at the table of negotiations, the remaining contentious issues. But my personal opinion is that “Pearl of Siberia” is a very strong candidate for the world championship”, — quotes the head of the IBU TASS.

However, according to WADA, Besseberg feels sympathy for Russia is not accidental. Believes anti-doping Agency, Tyumen got the world Cup because of corruption.

This has been stated in the report of the investigations division of the organization for the withholding of information about doping in biathlon, presented by the leadership of WADA in December 2017.

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Earlier it was reported that the IBU headquarters were searched in connection with an investigation on matters of doping. Due to the suspicions of the Austrian police Besseberg was forced to resign as head of world biathlon.

In addition to the sale of Tyumen world Championships, the Norwegian accused of concealing 65 positive doping tests for Russian athletes.

Moreover, Besseberg, according to German publication Bild, received a monetary reward from the Russian side and regularly spent time with the escorts whose services were paid by Moscow.

The Russian side bribes to get the world championship in Tyumen categorically denies.

“When the organizing Committee of various competitions voiced at the presentation or prescribes in his official request for more, including financial deals, is absolutely public information. That is normal practice.

For example, Tyumen, when fought for the right to host the Championships, stated that undertakes to pay for Charter flights for all teams. But to say that Russia has paid from 25 to 100 thousand euros for the voice — it’s beyond reality,” — said the first Vice-President Viktor Maigurov.

“To buy 25 of the vote, this is how much cash you need to bring? And how to distribute them? Not to mention the fact that with so many “paid” votes that probably would have remained unnoticed. Information absolutely would have been exposed much earlier”, — quotes the official RIA “Novosti”.

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