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Russia may be in the midst of a new bloody conflict in the middle East

Россия рискует оказаться в эпицентре нового кровавого конфликта на Ближнем Востоке

In the middle East has lit the fuse of a new conflict. The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel split the world. The positions of Russia and the USA the opposite. Tomorrow, December 8, will discuss the situation at its emergency meeting, the UN security Council. It is also expected a separate briefing of the Secretary General, antónio Guterres.

On his decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the US President announced on the eve of implementing its election promises. Despite the fact that earlier, the US refused such a step for fear of harm to the peace process in the middle East. A practical embodiment of the recognition will be transferring the American Embassy from tel Aviv to East Jerusalem. Order this is already the state Department.

The reaction of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was expected. He called trump’s decision “brave and fair” and promised to work with the President of the United States towards peace with Palestine and other neighbors. He also urged other countries to follow suit and move their diplomatic missions to Jerusalem.

In Palestine, the decision of trump do not intend to tolerate. Her delegation at the UN called the move “unilateral and provocative” and demanded to make the United States the cancellation of the decision. Otherwise, the region is waiting for development “political and territorial conflict into an endless religious war.” From the UN security Council is awaiting confirmation of its resolutions on the status of Jerusalem.

The UN Secretary General spoke unequivocally. “The final status of Jerusalem is an issue which should be resolved through direct negotiations between the two sides on the basis of the relevant resolutions of the Security Council and the UN General Assembly and taking into account the legitimate aspirations of both the Palestinian and Israeli sides,” said Guterres.

Making such statements, the Secretary General expresses not only the legal position but also the point of view of most of the countries-participants of the United Nations. So, the solution trump predictably condemned by Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Qatar, as well as bitter rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia.

However, much more interesting is the position of traditional allies of the United States. Against the decision trump has made Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden. “The British Embassy in Israel is located in tel Aviv, and we are not going to tolerate it,” — said the British Prime Minister Theresa may.

Russia’s position was voiced by President Vladimir Putin during a telephone conversation with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. It is to support “direct Palestinian-Israeli talks on all contentious issues, including the status of Jerusalem, and the release of the long-term equitable solution that meets the interests of both sides.”

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According to the columnist “SP” Eduard Limonov, trump “cuts off his bad shoulder with his sword”. Now the decision of the American President will unite as repugnant, and the Union of the States of the Muslim state. “Israel trump has now provided a disservice. The Jewish state in the question of Jerusalem has shown itself to be still smarter than trump from Queens,” — said the writer.

The Palestinian movement Hamas said that the decision of the President of the United States “opens the gates of hell.” According to the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, has already given the order to all structural divisions of the organization “to be ready to repel any threat.” He called for the beginning of a new Palestinian uprising (intifada) and announced Friday, December 8 a “Day of rage”.

Professor of Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov, member of the Scientific Council under the security Council of the Russian Federation Andrey manoylo explains the decision trump internal American reasons.

— Trump the decision to move the capital of Israel in Jerusalem need in order to win the sympathy of the Israeli lobby in the United States. He wants to lure at least part of this powerful lobbies on their side. Otherwise, trump’s waiting for a guaranteed impeachment in the coming 2018. Of course, he knows that is a risky game, but he’s no where to go. Trump need at least one point of support in Congress. He deliberately took this step.

“SP”: — Not too expensive price the President of the United States will gain greater political stability?

— Yes, he alienated this decision, almost half of the world… Europe made very sharply. Arabs in General were alarmed, not to mention Turkey. Erdogan and so have nothing to lose. He understands that the United States only by miracle it is not displaced when there was a military coup, which was Gulen and American ears there could be seen very clearly. Possible, the Americans will repeat it. In the new situation, the President of Turkey can only acquire.

As for Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is now this ridiculous step trump very subtly uses to consolidate its dominance in the Arab East, their right to be there as a mini-USA with a mini-Arab NATO, a new anti-terrorist coalition, which they now formed, ostensibly to fight ISIS outgrowths. But this is the second military unit, more consolidated.

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The Saudis tell US about the following: you get up in the world, what you want, but in our home region do not go. Only with our permission. They expect the same dominant role in the middle East, which have the United States around the world. Now the Saudis have got a legitimate reason to behave this way and reinforce this right de facto.

Among other consequences, the Palestinians will burn 85 pounds American flags.

“SP”: — do Not you think that such a consolidated opposition to the decisions of the trump in the world, including key Western allies, forcing them to back down?

— I think, if the matter comes to rezolucii of the UN security Council the United States will impose on it the veto.

The so-called “scientist” Anatoly nesmiyan (El Murid) fears that Russia could be involved in a new conflict in the middle East.

— Tensions arose. And to put it bluntly, Israel is now completely untimely. Although this is the actual breakthrough of the blockade in the matter of Jerusalem, but the timing is very unfortunate. Israel is now preparing to conduct operations against Hezbollah, and then a crisis occurs. Israel is absolutely not necessary. Let their policies and welcomed the decision of trump.

“SP”: — But trump is not supported by all key US allies, including Britain…

— I will remind, the law on the transfer of the capital to Jerusalem was enacted in Israel in 1980. However, in the world there is a consensus that nobody recognizes this question is postponed until the solution of the Palestinian problem. And since the problem is not solved, then no one is going to admit it.

“SP”: — What to expect from Russia’s current situation?

— We must remember that there is a real state of Affairs, and is propaganda. From the point of view of propaganda, Russia dramatically strengthened its position in the middle East. But in reality it is not. Seven thousand troops in the region — considerable strength, but not enough… So if there is now a serious event, and no matter who starts first, Israel or the Arabs, our people will be there at the epicenter of these events. And we are absolutely hands. We can just get there by kneading.

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