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“Russia – land of confusion.” Fink about life in Moscow

"Россия - страна недоразумений". Финка о жизни в Москве

A journalist from Finland, Anna-Lena Lauren has lived and worked in Russia for several years. Despite the geographical proximity of Russia and Finland, life in Moscow became for her amazing stage in life, as she learned a lot about local people, local culture and other features of our country. It is very good to Russia, but not shy very well to notice some of the defects of Russian. Anna-Lena has written many articles devoted to this phase in her life. In one of the articles the girl claims that the Russian love to invent in the other – that they did not know how to arrange meetings in the third, that Russia is a country of misunderstandings. On the third, just, we will stop:

Russia — a country, which often misunderstandings occur. Most often they happen when communication between foreigners and Russians. Russian, or so-called post-Soviet citizens, live in reality, where ever there is some confusion.

Behind this are two factors: the tendency of post-Soviet citizens to withhold information and unwillingness to investigate the matter. Withholding information is reflected in the fact that if in this situation it is necessary to tell about the X and Y to the second party realized what was happening, talk only about X, but about Y not saying anything.

Therefore, life in Moscow is full of incredible surprises.

When this year I’ve extended the visas of my family, I suddenly demanded the birth certificate of the child.

I asked for the documents in the town of Pargas (Finnish city of Pargas, Parainen or, is the hometown of the journalist, approx. transl.). I was told that the documents will be ready by tomorrow morning, including apostille. My parents promised to get the documents and immediately send them Express mail DHL.

But that’s not all: we also needed an official translation into Russian language. I received the documents by e-mail and sent them to the translation Bureau in Moscow, so they immediately can get to work. The translation should be notarized.

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Without his round print the visa office would not accept the transfer, and to receive this service, too, needed time. Time was not so much because the validity of our visas ended.

On the same day the chief of the translation Bureau Ashot called me and said he wanted photos of the birth certificate of the child and the apostille to make the transfer in an identical form. My father photographed the documents on the phone and sent them to me.

Documents left by Express mail DHL in Moscow. I immediately sent photos of documents in translation.

Friday morning. I’m happy to think that now the translation Bureau has enough time to do the translation and take it to the notary. And we get an official translation with all the press on Monday evening.

After an hour Ashot replied, “Very well, now waiting for a scan”.

“You need a scan? Why didn’t you say about that?”

“Because first we need pictures”.

I shouted that the documents will be email to DHL till Monday and my parents could scan them and immediately send by e-mail, if I said this.

“This important task is solved step by step,” — said resentfully Ashot.

On Monday morning I received a parcel by DHL. Scanned documents and sent them to Ashot. He almost instantly replied, seals away from the translation Bureau at 15:00.

Reception in the migration service ended at 17:00. Time was running out, but I was hoping that in time.

In translation it turned out that while I’ve sent the documents — in the original photographs and scanned copies of the translator, of course, had to translate everything, but forgot to send the notary a single page.

I shouted in all throat. Secretary of the translation Bureau printed the missing page in such small print that to read it was impossible, under any circumstances, and stuck it on the bottom of the sheet where there was room.

I took a taxi and gave the documents to the visa section Migration service ten minutes before the end.

Throughout this process there were two problems. The first is withholding information, the second is negligence. Both to avoid the almost impossible, no matter how you tried.

If I re-apply to the translation of Ashot?

Will. Because now I know him and know that he has good relations with the notary. I also learned about some of the other nuances of this process.

Maybe someone else would solve this issue better, but this man would be its own nuances.

The nuances of Ashot I learned. Next time it will help me save time.

Misunderstandings may arise due to the fact that the Russians often use the words, distorting their original meaning. When a couple of weeks ago I was in a restaurant with her good friend Olga, she complained that the soup was cold. I tried the soup. It was warm.

“This soup is cold”, I said.

“No, he’s cold, ‘said Olga. — Well, you know, if in Russian saying that the soup is cold, it means that he is not hot like boiling water!”

In her opinion, anything that is not hot like boiling water, cold. If we are talking about soup.

To her is not the meaning of the word, and her own attitude to what should be a soup. It can be either as boiling water, or unsuitable for eating.

This black and white perception usually in the Russian culture of communication. It is a way to convey the idea so that it is understood correctly by others. That is why I was able to quickly obtain the corrected translation. A little hysterical right now, in Russia, can work wonders.

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