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Russia is prepared for the arrival of the gray cardinal

Россию готовят к приезду серого кардинала

For the first time in history in Moscow can come to the man who runs the biggest corporations in the world, leads political leaders and dictate the rules of the game across the continent except Russia.

The Vatican for the first time in the history of preparing the Pope’s visit to Moscow. The meeting of the heads of the Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches comes from the Vatican. In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera said the closest ally of the Pontiff, the Roman Curia Secretary of state Pietro Parolin.

He Parolin will meet with Patriarch Kirill in Peredelkino on August 22, will be discussed inter-Church relations and international politics. It is expected that Parolin will meet with Putin.

In Russia did not come yet none of the popes, the reason is a tense relationship between the Orthodox and Catholic churches.

The Holy see, “particularly” interested in Eastern Europe because of “the rich religious and cultural traditions”, said the head of the Roman Curia. The interest in them a long time to this subject, by the way.

Pope Francis repeatedly expressed his desire to visit Moscow, but so far it has failed to do, including for political reasons. Earlier, the Pontiff said that can not come to Russia, because then he will have to visit Ukraine.

If you restore the events in Ukraine and the reaction of the Catholic Church on everything, you can see how there destroyed Orthodoxy.

What is happening today in Ukraine, it is “preparation”: rebuilds the code of civilization of the people. Ukraine should be integrated into the Western civilization in which the Vatican played a key role. The fate of Orthodoxy in Ukraine, as the EU’s values are not compatible with Orthodoxy.

Indeed, 25 Nov happened as wrote press, “an outstanding event” for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine the head of the UGCC celebrated the divine Liturgy at the main altar of the Cathedral of St. Peter in the presence of the Pope

“With God’s help I hope to make steps in this direction,” said Parolin, who is considered the second most influential person in the Vatican.

Steps in this direction are long overdue and they are very easy to track.

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Patriarch Kirill and Pope Francis met in February 2016 in Cuba. A meeting of this level was the first in the history of Russian Orthodox and Catholic churches, many experts called it historical.

Why it became historical, and was persecuted I described in detail in the article about the prospect of combining the two religions.

Then, on December 15 in the framework of the papal program of ecumenism in Russia there has arrived the chief specialist on inter-Christian relations, cardinal Kurt Koch.

It was attended by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Aleksei Meshkov for the further development of the interaction between discussion with Russia and the Vatican. Finally, he met with Patriarch Kirill.

The main result of the visit of Koch member of the Secretariat of the Department for external Church relations of Alexey Dikarev expressed: “These visits will contribute its indirect contribution to the Treasury of future meetings of the Patriarch with the Pope.” The very same Koch said: “Preparations for the meeting more important than the meeting itself. This event of historical dimension, and requires training, it is very important”.
Here, the same Koch talked about the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

“The ecumenism of the saints is a wonderful opportunity for dialogue in the Church,” cardinal Kurt Koch commented that piety which had been adopted in the Russian Federation, the relics of St. Nicholas. They were honored over two million faithful. The cardinal called it “a great Ecumenical event,” because, according to him, the veneration of the sacred relics “can help believers to join the dialogue.” “Well, when you meet the primates of Churches, but it is very important that this was done, and the believers”.
So, what now official statement has been received, the grounds for the Pope’s visit is being prepared.

Remember the words of M. Justa: “for us it is important that the adoption of the joint document or possible future meeting with the Pope and the Patriarch did not cause major protests.”On this work now. As he put Milan Archbishop Angelo Scola during his recent visit to Moscow, “you can talk about the birth of “popular ecumenism” between the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox churches”

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Too many important events in the religious environment in recent times. This is not surprising. The Vatican is the biggest owner on the planet, now not coloproctol to criticize the policy of the Russian authorities, but also making another attempt of rapprochement with the ROC.

Announced the upcoming meeting of Pope and Patriarch Kirill in Moscow says that the Holy see, “particularly” interested in “the rich religious and cultural traditions,” not only in Russia, but also the possible increase in the influence of the Russian Orthodox Church in Eastern Europe.

Many now write that a possible meeting of the Pope and Patriarch Kirill demonstrates the intentions of the politicians of the Vatican, who bet on Russia, however, it is dangerous to talk like that. The Vatican does not bet, he monopolisieren.

Plus everything in Europe is brewing another problem that can lead to schism, deeper than sanctions.

“Islam has the potential to massively increase its presence in Europe with the blessing of the Church…. The Church not only leads Europe to a standstill, she shoots herself in the foot”. — Laurent Dandru, editor of the cultural Department of the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles.

They promote ecumenism because the Catholic Church is falling apart and there is a great risk of losing it altogether. The Vatican sees what scope in Russia now cultivated Orthodoxy, therefore, and preparing for the dialogue. But we do not need.

Why? Here you can get acquainted with the causes or to read Dostoevsky’s “Grand Inquisitor”.

Now our country has another vector, which is to ratchet is Orthodoxy, which should be observed and not to yield to seeming reverence by the Vatican.

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