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Russia is heading into default and catastrophe

Россия катится к дефолту и катастрофе

The analyst is sure that in the sad future of the country and believes that due to Putin’s 18-year stay in power the current economic situation significantly worse than it was in the “dashing 90-e”

Well-known stock analyst Stepan Demura in the course of his next seminar in “city-the class” expressed the view that Russia is waiting for us in the near future, in particular, after planned for March 18, “Putin’s elections”. The experts are disappointing – Stepan G. I am sure that the country is on the verge of default.

The vision of the current situation in Russia from Stepan Demur very, very sad. He says that about any repeat of the 90-ies of the last century as a worst-case scenario, we are not talking at the time, according to him, the country was more or less self-sufficient, she could provide themselves with the necessities. Now the situation is much worse. First of all, says the analyst, is almost complete, 85-90%, the deterioration of infrastructure. According to the analyst, the share of capital investments in the structure of Russia’s GDP is only 10 % (Rosstat, according to data insists on Demur at 19-20%, but this is not true), whereas in developed countries it needs to be at least 45-50%. In Russia, however, nothing is restored, money for the rehabilitation of infrastructure identified in principle.

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On the impossibility of a repetition of the situation with 90-mi years tells also the fact of absence in the country of skilled workers. Besides, now 70% of the production chain dependent on imported raw materials and currency we also absent. In conditions when there are no experts, no raw materials and no currency for the purchase of components, on the repetition of the 90s cannot be considered until the 90s Russia is still necessary to “grow”.

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The economist is sure that after 30 years of regular and systematic “disposal” of the country to hope that all problems can be solved, without any effort, at least, stupid.

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