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Russia doubled its trade with North Korea despite sanctions

Россия удвоила торговлю с КНДР вопреки санкциям

Russia is stepping up economic support to North Korea despite Pyongyang imposed sanctions in an effort to keep afloat the regime of Kim Jong-UN and save it from economic isolation and bankruptcy, sought by the West and the United States.As reports Reuters, citing close to the Kremlin sources, Moscow is strongly opposed to the North Korean dictator was overthrown.

Despite the fact that Russia supported the resolution of UN security Council toughen sanctions against the DPRK, the trade volume between the two countries has more than doubled – to 31.4 million dollars.

In October, the Russian telecommunications company TransTeleCom started routing the North Korean Internet traffic, the DPRK opened a new channel of communication with the outside world. Previously, the traffic passes only through China Unicom.


At least eight loaded with diesel fuel, the North Korean tankers this year has left Russia and went to the DPRK, although the official should have followed in other ports. According to us officials, Pyongyang often uses such techniques to bypass sanctions.

In addition, in Russia, according to the U.S. Department of state, there are thousands of North Korean workers, send home earnings. In Washington, I believe that their slave labor.

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In August, in Moscow, opened the first official North Korean tourism Agency, which was tasked to establish flow of the DPRK Russian tourists. The terms of issue North Korean visas for Russian citizens this has been reduced from 2-3 weeks to 3-5 days.


Protection of Kim Jong-UN is conducted with the same calculation that support for Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, says Andrey Kortunov, Director General, Russian international Affairs Council – close to the Russian foreign Ministry think tank.

Moscow believes that the preservation of the status quo makes it an influential player in the geopolitical arena in the conditions of crisis thanks to its close ties with Pyongyang – as well as help to Assad to increase its influence in the middle East, said Kortunov. According to him, Moscow knows that it will lose leverage in the region in case of a fall of the regime of Kim Jong-UN, as in the situation of influence in the middle East, which was under threat in 2015, when it looked that Islamist militants will soon overthrow Assad.

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“On the one hand, Russia does not want to deviate from the line partners, particularly from the Chinese position towards North Korea, which is becoming tougher. On the other hand, politicians in Moscow understand that the current situation and the degree of interaction between Moscow and Pyongyang isolate Russia in comparison with China,” said Kortunov.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at an economic forum in Vladivostok in September, he said that he understood the concerns of the DPRK for their own safety amid threats by the US and South Korea.

“They (the DPRK authorities) know very well how the situation evolved in Iraq. They all know it, and see the possession of nuclear weapons and missile technology is the only method of self-defense. What do you think they will refuse now?” – said Putin.

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