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Russia can invest in the new silk road to 400 billion rubles

Россия может вложить в новый Шёлковый путь до 400 млрд рублей

The Russian section of the route Europe – Western China will cost more than 780 billion rubles, with half of these costs can take over the state.

The estimated cost of construction for new stations in 2015 prices is the following: Moscow–Kazan — 438 billion, Shali–Bavly — 136 billion, the Bavly–Kumertau — 115 billion roubles Kumertau–Sagarchin — 94 billion rubles”, — reported in the media FCPF. Part of the project are also the sites of new Russian highways M-11 (Moscow – St. Petersburg) and the Central ring road (Central ring road), which will be launched in 2018, reports the newspaper “Izvestia”.

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In General, capital costs for the construction of the share of Federal funds is estimated to be up to 50%..project highlights the creation of the International transport route Europe – Western China on the territory of Russia will be presented April 21-22 in Shanghai as part of the preliminary road show of the project, on which work began in 2009 with the signing of the international tripartite Protocol.

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