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Russia Beyond the Headlines: Russian banks are Vulnerable to foreign cyber attacks

Russia Beyond the Headlines: Уязвимы ли российские банки к зарубежным кибератакам

Russian banks take the necessary measures in order to defend against perceived attacks planned by foreign intelligence agencies. The statement was released, the FSB and, according to her, these attacks aimed to destabilize Russia’s financial system. They will be supplemented by various TEXTS, and provocative messages in social networks.

Hackers, according to the FSB, will conduct their activities from the Netherlands, but the server from which it will be owned by the Ukrainian company BlazingFast. The company in response to this statement was investigated and confirmed the presence of customers in the Netherlands.

The press service of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation said that the day before the Declaration of the FSB from the accounts of one of the banks had stolen more than 100 million rubles ($1.5 billion), however, it is not considered necessary to indicate what the Bank became a victim of an attack. As one version put forward that the hacker managed to penetrate the banking system, which, to a certain extent, considered to be invulnerable, because she’s been isolated from the public systems of communications. The incident may become the first in the chain of incidents of this kind, which will follow later. Earlier in Russia, nothing like this has happened.

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However, despite the fact that the FSB has promised a massive attack by 5 December, nothing happened. And only VTB Bank was was an attempt to break the system in the evening hours. But neither on the infrastructure nor on the Bank’s operations weren’t affected in any way.

If you look at it from a technical point of view, a cyber attack conducted by the security services, no different from the one that can make ordinary hackers. Compare this, to a certain extent, possible a Kalashnikov, which can be used by terrorists and criminal syndicates and the army. 99% of attacks on banks in electronic space, are held for the purpose of enrichment. The security services want to achieve very different results.

In that case, if people get the message that the Bank has a problem, they will massively withdraw money. It will lead him to the final if not bankruptcy, then at least move very close to that threshold. But because banks in response to the statement of the FSB were quick to announce that their safety systems meet all required standards. Moreover, Russian Internet crime is one of the most dangerous in the world. And, accordingly, the banks have a protection that could help to protect against it – in other words, that is one of the most reliable in the world.

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Russian banks check all tools that can be used to attack, personally. Figuratively speaking, the situation is analogous to when a child grows up in a dysfunctional neighborhood and forced to fight to protect themselves. The level of Internet threats in Russia is high and the Bank simply can not stay on the market if you do not protect yourself properly.

However, hackers have at their disposal increasingly sophisticated tools. And therefore a very high likelihood that banks, no matter how much money they did not invest in defense, may simply not have time to check on personal experience of recent developments.

So with hackers, in fact, it is not necessary to compete. Funds should be made available to conduct online intelligence and be able to predict possible risks. In other words – no need to put all the eggs without exception in one basket, otherwise the consequences can be very sad.

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