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Russia and China will kill the US economy?

Sanctions policy of the United States continues to prove its loss. If the first, Washington led an economic war against Russia, imposing sanctions that have not received the desired effect, and kept, from the beginning of the confrontation with China, States have become much worse.

At the moment not so critical was the case, however, the forecasts are disappointing. But what are the actions of the enemies of the United States may lead to such reflection?

First, China began to actively reduce their investments in US debt. But Beijing is the largest holder of us debt. In July it became known that the Chinese investments in bonds of the States decreased by 7.7 billion. To such measures, the Chinese authorities went on the background of the outbreak of a trade war with Washington.

Japan, the largest foreign creditor of the United States, reduces its investment in the Treasury of the States for the second year in a row. Ankara after the increase in duty on aluminium reduced its investments in U.S. government debt to $ 4 billion. Besides of the main list of creditors out of America and Russia by reducing their investment to a minimum 2007.

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Only in the spring of 2018, the portfolio of Russian participation decreased three times, and the Bank transferred the proceeds from the sale of us securities in foreign exchange reserves, which should protect the Russian economy from external risks. In addition, Russia began to sell bonds of US government debt, to minimise their own losses. To date, the Russian investments amount to 15 billion against 100 at the beginning of the year.

Will affect the American economy and dedolarization caused by aggressive trade policies trump. Thanks to his actions the dollar became less suitable for international payments. For example, Iran and Iraq have eliminated U.S. currency from bilateral trade, and oil to Europe they will sell in euros.

Now Turkey is preparing to disconnect from dollar dependence, moving to payments in national currencies with Russia and China, who between them have already started the calculations without the participation of the dollar. But the idea of dedollarization have been raised in the BRICS and the SCO, some countries have already moved to invest in their currencies. And indeed, in Europe, such a move has sown confusion, once the European politicians have to think about creating your own payment system independent of the dollar.

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In the end, the actions of Russia and China for the protection of its economy has resulted in the fact that more and more countries starts to turn away from the United States, supporting mutual settlement in national currencies and the withdrawal of public money from the national debt of the United States. More and more former partners of America looking for investment in more profitable assets. But what it can mean for Washington? Do Moscow and Beijing can break the us economy?

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