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“Run or die”: parents are sounding the alarm because of the new deadly game Teens

"Беги или умри": родители бьют тревогу из-за новой смертельной игры подростков

In social networks there were warnings about the dangerous pastime of schoolchildren, which pop up on the road directly in front of the car. The essence of the “game” to cross the road as close as possible to passing cars, according to MK.RU

After the orders of Ombudsman for children of Russia Anna Kuznetsova traffic police to deal with dangerous game, in many schools announced an unscheduled parent meetings.

Hearing about the threat of the game came in the parent chat last week. “The parents of each class are related to each other as a group message to write one or come to all, – says a teacher of one of Moscow schools Victor Shubin. – Such groups walks and a lot of false information”.

He argues that official information on this subject in school yet.

The rules of the game are also explained on the Internet. “The point is that it is necessary to cross the road right in front of the machine, the more dangerous the better. Who defected gets the points. Main thing is to have proof – pictures or video. They say there is even a special app for smartphones. Downloads it the teenager, followed immediately assigned a supervisor to remotely monitor it and send notifications at the right time. The psyche of children undermine the early climbs. At 4:20 am need to get up and all sorts of tasks to perform”.

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As reported, the game called “Run or Die” is indeed available for download. But nothing to dangerous perebirayu the road it has. This is a common computer game with tanks and armed soldiers.

In connection with the game of “Run or die” remember the acclaimed not so long ago the story of the “groups of death”. If you believe the descriptions of “Run or die”, they have a lot in common.

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“At the age of 12 – 16 years the child is not aware what death is, says psychologist Dennis Turner. – At the same time parents lose their authoritative status in the eyes of a child. But there is still a need to have some kind of role model, and if so will become a virtual friend with similar “games”, then there will be trouble. The most important thing parents can do is not to lose friendly contact with the children and distract them from computer games in every way possible. Don’t deny it may embitter teenager – namely, to divert engaging something else”.

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