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RT will increase the budget by 1.22 billion. More than all channels put together

The state Duma approved in the second reading amendments to the budget in 2017, which involve the allocation of RT (ANO “TV-news”) an additional 1.22 billion rubles “for the creation, development, maintenance and distribution of a television channel in French language.” The total funding RT reaches of 18.74 billion.

Changes to the draft Federal budget proposed by the government. Additional financing of foreign broadcasting in late November, it was announced by Deputy Minister of communications and mass communications Alexei Volin.

According to RBC, earlier in the budget was included in the RT to keep the funding at the same level, the increase was only scheduled for Federal channels. The interviewed experts believe that the increase in funding is due to the deterioration of the international situation and possible victory in the presidential elections in France, françois Fillon, representing the Union of right-wing and centrist.

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The increase in funding relative to the level in 2016 was supposed to only JSC “First channel”, OJSC “NTV broadcasting company”, JSC “Broadcasting company “Petersburg”, JSC “Karusel” and OJSC “TV Center”. While in aggregate the funding of these channels was increased to 1.1 billion rubles, which is less than the additional subsidy for RT.

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First plans to launch French broadcast RT became known in 2014. It is assumed that the editorial office will be located in France and focus mainly on French, Belgian, Swiss and canadian audience. In 2015 RT for the first time published a report on its activities as a nonprofit organization. The document consists of only three lines, one of which tells about the creation of the channel in the French language. For 2014, the channel has spent on these purposes to 48.6 million rubles.



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