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Rewarding Majid Samii Grand gold medal named after N. And. Pirogov

Dear friends,
some of you may remember once I have already published an article about a famous neurosurgeon – Iranian Majid Samii.
Happy to announce that today, March 30, 2018 at a General meeting of members of the Russian Academy of Sciences Majid Samii was awarded the prestigious insignia of ran – Large gold medal named after N. And. Pirogov.
Награждение Маджида Самии Большой золотой медалью имени Н.И. Пирогова
The award he received for the work of a fundamental nature in the field of neuro-Oncology, reconstructive neurosurgery and microneurosurgery, using modern high-tech complex navigation and monitoring techniques.

Currently Professor Majid Samii is President of the international neuroscience institutes in Germany, China, Iran; President of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for children; honorary Director of the neurosurgical clinic, Nordstadt hospital in Hannover; honorary President of the German society of skull base surgery; honorary President of the German society for computer and robotic.

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Professor of conducting serious academic work, teaching young neurosurgeons and speaking on various topics in neurosurgery as an invited lecturer and guest of honor at international conferences and congresses.

But especially interesting is his attention to the Russian neurosurgery. Majid Samii contributed to the organization in Moscow and St. Petersburg courses of the world Federation of Neurosurgical Societies to neurosurgeons practical, and was an active organizer of scientific Russian-German symposia in Moscow and Hanover. He has repeatedly visited Russia as a guest lecturer and guest of honor. In 2008 he was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of the National medical research center of neurosurgery named after academician N. N. Burdenko, and in 2012, Majid Samii was awarded an Honorary diploma and medal of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences.

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In his speech after receiving the award from the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Majid Samii said:
“It is a great honour to get this medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences. When I walked into this room, I think we often think about the power of man. As a brain researcher, I can say that the power of a person lies in his brain. And this is where I see the true power of man. Therefore, I am honored to receive this award in this room!”.

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Madjid Samii is a neurosurgeon from Iran

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