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Revolution in Hollywood! “Aquarela” is the first film in the format of 96 frames per second

In early September, the Russian documentary filmmaker Viktor Kosakovsky presented at the Venice film festival the first ever film in the format of 96 frames per second instead of the usual 24. The protagonist of tape – Aquarela, which is water. The shooting took place in the most beautiful corners of the world – from lake Baikal to Greenland. The Director told the major publications, for which he changed the format and why two years later, the movie will never be the same.

I (Director. – Approx. ed.), reasoned: when you see rain in the movie, it’s usually the white dotted line, everything merges. But he does not look right. I wanted to see rain, began to do test shooting – at speeds of 72, 120 frames per second. Expressive a total of 96 frames per second. But we had to come up with new programs for installation and to fool the computer, because he does not understand this format, do not. This has never been done before. Had one attempt in America, but was not able to show there was no projector. That’s the thing – technologically the cameras are rolling and a thousand frames per second, and the projection is not.

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This morning I got ang Lee (Taiwanese film Director, winner of the “Oscar” and two “Golden lion” at the Venice film festival. – Approx. ed.), who tried to shoot 120 frames per second, wrote to me: “Wow, incredible! At least someone is trying to do. Come fast to me in America, here we will show and together convince the world that need to switch to a new format!” Even James Cameron, who directed “Avatar,” has embarked on this path, maybe now is the time to make a picture in this format. The problem is that you need to replace all the projectors in the world, that is not the case in the technology and business models.

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The situation is similar with sound – usually used five or six audio tracks, and my engineer made one hundred and eighteen. This unique work. Hear once to go back to Stereo or Dolby stereo is impossible. But again, it takes time for the conversion of cinemas.

Even here in Venice, at a major festival to show a film could only play at one theater. It’s a different planet, and now the people will understand it. The changes will take two years max: now, when my partners saw that write about “Aquarela” the best operators in the world, they realized that in Hollywood there will be a revolution. Nobody will want to work in the old way.

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