Tuesday , November 21 2017
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The blood of Christ and DNA


    As science solves the question of the authenticity of a legendary artifact A new study of the shroud of Turin” was supposed to settle disputes about the origin and authenticity of a legendary artifact. India calling For the first time with DNA evidence on a mysterious relic, the …

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To think big!


Guy consolmagno, chief astronomer of the Vatican says on the subject of balance between the Church and the cosmos. This graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of technology talks about how he began to study the stars for the Catholic Church. Brother guy consolmagno (Guy Consolmagno) is the Director of the …

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Today is the birthday of the Buddha


In 2016, Buddha’s birthday falls on may 21. According to legend, the Buddha was born on this day in 623 BC, attained enlightenment in 543 BC on the same day died, reaching complete Nirvana. Thus, while there were three important events in Buddha’s life. Remember some of his sayings. They …

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Can’t test – take our word for it!..


Practical atheists ” believe in all that can’t be bothered to check… I completely agree that no religion in school progress should not be. Even the “History of religions” – is dragging rechristianization or reislamization that in our far from these myths, bygone country is unacceptable. By the way, does …

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Christ and Lenin became friends


Russia in the XXI century will help only a miracle and the higher Providence. To a disappointing conclusion sociologists VTSIOM interviewed our compatriots on the eve of Passover, which coincided with international workers ‘ Day. In the struggle with hardship and pain we have ceased to believe in their own …

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Donald trump responded to “insulting” the Pope


Republican presidential candidate U.S. Donald trump responding to Pope Francis, who called his actions “not Christian” because of the position on the immigration issue, said that if the “Islamic state” attacked the Vatican, he wished that trump is not President. “If the Vatican attacked the “Islamic state”, which, as everyone …

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