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Ravshana Kurkova is crowned with Maxim Vitorgan in the dark clip – “the Three witches”

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Debut Ravshan Kursovoy as a singer was part of the soundtrack for the new season of the play “Black Russian”. Immersive play, the audience which is involved in the game, is in Moscow since September. The play was performed more than 150 times in the mansion Spiridonov.

Ravshana Kurkova

A video called “the Three witches”, like the production, loosely based on the unfinished novel Pushkin “Dubrovsky”.

In the clip, the actress ravshana Kurkova (Masha Troyekurov) escapes from the Church, where was held her wedding with Prince designed to Vereisky in the performance of Maxim Vitorgan (not involved in the main play).

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The bride escapes to his beloved Vladimir Dubrovsky.

Maxim Vitorgan

However, the effects of irreversible escape: a girl finds her beloved dead and later burned alive by his father and a failed husband.

The shooting took place in the art Park Nikola-Lenivets in the Kaluga region. According to Director Maxim Didenko, Nikola-Lenivets was the perfect place for shooting: “the Idea of locations, which was originally conceived, miraculously, everything was there. This amazing combination uncomfortable the Russian countryside, the lack of civilization, mystical nature and hypstercom art reserve of modern art”.

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“This is our first collaboration c Vitorgan, I would be interested to work with him in the theater. In a creative sense, we have developed a deep understanding, although we’ve only known each other a couple of months and during the video shooting spent less than a day,” said Kurkova.

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