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“Rain”: dead Orkhan Jemal conducted his own investigation of Russian arms

Killed in Central Africa journalist Orkhan Jemal February 2018, was leading its own investigation of possible unaccounted for supply of weapons from Russia operating in the Republic of private military companies. This was reported to “Rain” one of the sources Jemal among the security forces and a close friend of the journalist.

Investigating Jamal worked in parallel with the production of a film about PMC Wagner for Central management of investigations. The source in the LRC says that the journalist “doing something” and not told about it.

“Rain” was able to make contact with someone Jemal, close to FSB, who advised the journalist on the arms deliveries. The subject they are first discussed in February 2018, after the events in Syria, where, according to various sources, died from several tens to several hundreds of fighters of the Russian PMC Wagner.

“[He] was asked, in a Russian PMC supplied weapons. Part of the information I shared – and then, upon receipt of the information from his sources, he asked me how authentic is it and how to assess it. I told him just enough to not cleared: explained that should probably stop. Unfortunately, he did not listen to me,” said the source. Especially Jamal were interested in the grounds on which the weapon is given to the PMC, as well as logistics.

The journalist turned to sources in the Ministry of defence, knowing that in the days of the trip in the CAR was supposed to be the transfer of weapons from the defense Ministry of the Russian PMCs operating there. Close to the FSB spokesman said that Jamal was driving in the CAR with the intent to capture on camera the transfer of weapons from the Ministry of defence to a particular party PMCs.

To put in the CARS weapons, Russia has received permission from the UN, despite the existing arms embargo and supplied in this country arms and ammunition, and also sent military trainers. In the report of the UN Security Council dated July 23, States that “the supply of Russian weapons to the government of the Central African Republic has led to waves of rearmament among the rebel groups.”

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As told to a journalist and friend of Orhan Cemal Nadezhda kevorkova, a few weeks before his death he said that he was here to arrest. Another friend remembered that a few weeks before the trip, he refused the phone, who allegedly auditioned.

Officer of the defense Ministry, who requested anonymity, said that after the murder of a Russian crew in the military has increased the level of secrecy on the subject of the Russian presence in the Central African Republic. “In the reports they write about everything: Turkey, Syria, Donbas and not a word about the CAR. And the weapons and specialists, on the contrary, there is pushed. In the CAR now began to shoot almost like in Syria. The whole country is rearming in our” – he said. The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation the situation is not commented.

We will remind, the journalist Orhan Cemal, Kirill Radchenko and Alexander Rastorguev investigated in the Central African Republic the activities of the private Russian group of mercenaries, whose forces were also deployed in Syria and Ukraine and that, reportedly, tied with Evgeny Prigozhin, a Mogul of the food industry close to President Vladimir Putin. The result of their activities was to be a documentary for the independent media project of Putin’s enemy Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Dead Russians arrived in the Central African Republic as tourists, but worked on jointly with the Centre management investigations (LRC) Mikhail Khodorkovsky investigation on the activities of mercenaries from Russia to Africa. In particular, the journalists wanted to visit the estate, Berengo, where, according to the press, can be the base of a private military company Wagner. In the capital of the CAR Bangui, the crew arrived on July 28, then the Russians wanted to go to the estate of Berengo, but they demanded accreditation of the Ministry of defence of the CAR. They copied the data and promised to give them a pass in five days.

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On 30 July the crew went to help the journalists to the consultant from the UN mission in the name of Martin, the path was supposed to take about one and a half days. But later in the evening the Russians were ambushed, their car was attacked by gunmen. The mayor of sibut Henri Daele said that the motive for the murder was robbery. It is known that the Russians had about nine thousand dollars and valuable equipment. Subsequently, the police found a laptop, hard drives and a mobile phone belonging to journalists.

According to one version, the death of the journalists was not accidental. Martin, with whom they talked in the CAR, was called as a member of the UN that turned out to be wrong. What Martin brought the Russians with the person who volunteered to be their driver and guide. In the end, he took the journalists away from their route, where they were ambushed. And most the driver managed to escape. Martin the journalists were introduced the employee of the edition of RIA FAN Kirill Romanovsky. The intrigue is that the RIA is the main FAN site “factory media” linked to “trolls” – the Agency on a commercial basis have been posting comments in support of the Russian government on the Internet.

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