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“Radiant humanity”: the future through the eyes of a Russian scientist

"Лучистое человечество": будущее глазами российского ученого

More than a century ago one of the greatest scientists of Russia prophesied of “radiant humanity”, which will replace the existing one. Then it seemed just a groundless fantasy. Now the question goes to another plane: how can behave in relation to ordered information systems, “world wide mind” or “artificial intelligence”, or more simply what we are and what we gonna be?

So what is a “radiant humanity”?

By this term is meant a future or a different race of humanity, possessing capabilities far superior to our race.

Radiant humanity, according to some definitions, is vysokoporodistyh entities that dwell in other dimensions. They have a developed consciousness, they are spared from the force of gravity, and more. It bunches the energy rays are not confined within the physical body.


This whole theory reminds one of the story lines in the movie “interstellar”. The Director, moreover, has demonstrated how the Land we just “ask” from its territory, and gave a hint where and how to find the salvation of humanity . That moment when the main character at the end of the film falls into another dimension and realizes that all the signs my daughter was sent not a Ghost, and he’s just from another dimension and is crucial for understanding.

The scientist who gave the world the theory of “radiant humanity” — Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. Not famous for his predictions, “British scientists”, not Wang, not the Patriarch, and our scientist. Moreover, Tsiolkovsky — the father of Russian cosmonautics. Behind him dozens of works, space exploration and technical development. This is enough to at least know his theory if you don’t want to believe.

Tsiolkovsky proposed to colonize outer space using space stations, put forward the idea of the space Elevator, trains on an air cushion. Believed that the development of life on one of the planets of the Universe will reach such power and perfection that it will allow to overcome the forces of gravity and spread life through the Universe.

Almost a hundred years ago Tsiolkovsky wrote an amazing article “the Path to radiant Humanity.” The article repeatedly published in the 60-ies and 70-ies in several scientific journals such as “Chemistry and life”, “Science and life”. You can read excerpts here.

How it looks in real life?

Essentially, humanity is gradually turning into robots information, divorced from the natural environment, and inscribed in the reality of the world of engineering and technology as a staff. It is unlikely that further development will lead to the evolution of humanity itself, which said Ziolkowski.

This path is the path of degradation of human qualities and the transformation of man to machine. This is the way of violation of natural balance. All of this will not allow us to approach the theories of Tsiolkovsky, and leave at the same level.

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The fact that robotics is gaining momentum, and “artificial intelligence” ceased to be just a plot of American fiction, I think it is not necessary to prove? Everything is very clear. If it is not clear, then you here

Here’s an interesting vision of our future:
“Reaching the highest level of technological development, civilization has ruined nature, and degenerated morally… Began to appear that some kind of electronic means of collecting, storing and sharing information. Developed network like the modern Internet.People learned to create robots from “flesh and blood”, that is, to clone living creatures… having Mastered time and space, creating a time machine, people began to realize intergalactic flights…”

and here’s an interesting point:

“Today humanity, in our view, is at a new stage of civilization – information. A distinctive feature of this period is that a person loses contact with nature, stop and direct contacts between people… Real life is replaced by the ghostly fog of information.Unregulated growth of information, errors in the development of the means of collection, storage, transfer of information impede the search for truth, increase of people misunderstanding each other, lead to a perverted understanding of world events… Print, radio, TV, unfortunately, often reflect the reality in a distorting mirror. Artificially formed a perverted mind, which can be manipulated. Man finds himself in an illusory and ghostly world of virtual reality. He ceases to be himself, to believe their own senses. He sees the world through the eyes of strangers, hears other people’s ears, repeating the words of others. Ghosts it takes for reality, and the reality behind the Ghost.”

Moreover, today on Earth the people can no longer do without nuclear reactors, ultrasonic effects on the body of a child while still in the womb, no operations with narcotic drugs at the time the most powerful of capturing and reunification with the proposed situation at the time of birth. Therefore, today’s baby from the beginning divided with the nature of nature.

At the moment, we deal with destruction in our whole house, and self-destruction in particular.

Remember the movie “Mama” Aronofsky. It shows very well the relation of mankind to his house, to the Ground. Changes are coming and they will be painful both for humanity and for Mother Earth.


In this situation, whether it is necessary to keep mankind on earth, and if there is, how, on what ground, in what circumstances and for what, exactly? In the film humanity and give and give is a chance that it could finally move on to the next stage. In life this chance too.

The next stage of human development will be associated with the evolution of spirituality and the transformation of people from odnorotornyj of individuals in a free and harmonious personality.It is this sort of trend can be detected among the predictions of Nostradamus, M., T. Globa, and other forecasters, and futurists. For example, the Bulgarian prophetess V. Kocovska also believes that the XXI century will be the century of bioenergy.

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During this spiritual evolution will be more people to be born with a free perception and “awakened” psychic abilities.

The evolution of the internal abilities of mankind, over time, will make technical progress meaningless: if a person learns independently and almost instantly move to any point of space and time, it is no longer necessary in vehicles, and communication on the level of telepathy and clairvoyance will lead to the death of technical communications and media.

This is growth, this is a new level of development, which we are trying to say. But we deliberately slow down. Keep public framework: from birth to death. Greed is the main castle.

In fact, the spiritual revival of the planet without physical disasters possible. The process of spiritual development is well described Lee Carroll in the book “the Journey home”. In the book several chapters dealing with each of our resource as it is locked and how to unlock it.

In this vision of the world, as proposed by Tsiolkovsky, really fit the story with the most mysterious man on Earth, which is hard to hide from the world and who had the temerity to say the phrase:

“Why so many years had to fight the proof of the Poincare conjecture? I learned how to calculate voids, along with my colleagues we know the mechanisms for filling social and economic “voids”. Emptiness is everywhere. They can be calculated, and it provides a great opportunity… I know how to control the Universe. Tell me: why should I run for a million?”


Promising phrase, isn’t it?

Perelman then angered the position of mathematicians and scientists, who were unable to resist the globalists, maybe partly are their supporters. About this story I wrote here.

Various facts and trends can be seen, close to the words of academician Yu. a. Fomin:

“So, mankind entered the XXI century. It is likely that he will be the last century of the existence of this biological species on our planet. But humanity will not disappear, it is converted to a new species.
The evolution of individuals may be changes associated with the rise of the conscious dimension, and they acquire the qualities and properties, greatly extending their capabilities. Something similar is observed in brain injuries, experienced clinical death and other shocks.
It is not excluded that the same can be purchased without any tragic accidents. To some extent, this can be achieved by appropriate education and training. And humanity gradually learns the way to perfection and regeneration.”

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