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Published a list of the most mysterious and strange occurrences 2017

Опубликован список наиболее таинственных и странных происшествий 2017 года

Experts decided to compile a list of the most mysterious and strange occurrences in 2017. In the past year, as it turned out, there were many events that science still cannot explain.

Опубликован список наиболее таинственных и странных происшествий 2017 года

1. NASA is hiding the existence of aliens, as well as frightening of the planet Nibiru.

As written in the post “was looking for Her for 7 years, but found just now,” in the end of November 2017, the scientists of the astronomical Observatory in Hawaii stirred the whole world strange news. It turns out 19 of October in the Solar system became a huge and very elongated rock dark crimson color, containing in its composition a lot of metal.

In 2010, the ufologists tried to pass off as Nibiru comet Elenin. No further search brought no results. For several years now, skeptics argue that there is no Nibiru no. After 7 years of debate and searching, we learn about the unusual “asteroid”, which came into our solar system and heads for Earth. This is probably the most mysterious planet, which is specified in the prophecy..

“The most amazing thing in this story is that after the alert the audience began to notice the UFO in the video stream that is passed to Earth, NASA just took it and reduced the angle of those cameras,” noted ufologists.

Details about this planet, and why the Vatican has its own infrared telescope known as LUCIFER, you can read in the post “was looking for Her for 7 years, but only found now.”


2. A sharp increase of radioactive radiation on the Earth, and the discovery in Europe of ruthenium 106.

Опубликован список наиболее таинственных и странных происшествий 2017 года


First, higher concentrations of ruthenium-106 found in Austria, France and Germany, their office for radiation protection has sounded the alarm in October. According to the IAEA report of 10 October, draws on the collection of measurements in 36 countries, in late September and early October ruthenium-106 were detected in the atmosphere of several European countries, and its maximum concentration (145 millibecquerels (MBq) per cubic meter) were recorded in Romania on September 30.

3. The appearance of “alien spacecraft”. It was recorded on the border of the U.S. States of Oregon and California.



It is known that the then commander David Fravor and Lieutenant Jim slate was performing a training mission in 160 kilometers from the Pacific ocean. They were ordered to intercept a flying machine. It is noted that the object was about 40 feet long, had no wings or rotors and during the flight ahead of watching his fighters.

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Trevor was amazed at the speed, which was moving unknown object. He said that the aircraft accelerated faster than any aircraft.

The military also said that the flying object that took out the fighter radars, which were unable to fix such a high rate.

Why the United States is now talking about the program on search of aliens, and the media published a video of an F-18 fighter pursues a UFO?

According to military pilots, writers, and engineers, secret U.S. UFO reveals just enough.

It all started with the fact that the retired pilots that flew on combat patrol routes tell you what’s published now in the American media a video, allegedly made aboard the F/A-18 performing a “persecution” of UFOs, the modern development of programs and computer hardware can be spoofed.

This situation resembles very well the story of the Americans landing on the moon. Despite various debates, the theory that the moon landing was filmed by Kubrick in a Studio still has a leading position. This situation was explained by the fact that the allocated money for the development of space programs,which were allocated were to be cut off. Why fly if you can just to properly shoot.


And now,according to published reports, in 2007, the programme for research “threats” of extraterrestrial origin US Department of defense has allocatedabout $22 million small private company Bigelow Aerospace, whose founder Robert Bigelow is a staunch supporter of the theory of regular alien visits to Earth.

4. The incident with the incredibly loud sound, which on 20 November, heard from 60 different places of the planet.

In 2017 around the world (mostly in different parts of the USA) swept a series of mysterious and very loud booming sounds, like echoes of the big Bang. At the moment they are already 64. In the English press this sound is called simply “Bum” (“Boom”). The mystery is that the cause of these booms could not be established, although in one recent case in Alabama, a loud boom had even gotten to the recording equipment.

Mysterious loud boom in Alabama was recorded by day 14 November 2017. Heard a lot of people, and immediately rushed to write about it in social networks and ask each other what it was. They asked local officials, the military, even NASA and didn’t know whether to look for a bunker or to pray?

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People put hashtags #WhatWasThat #LoudBoom (#Cheatable #Graceum) and left comments and their version of what happened.

Below is the list of all recorded in 2017 loud sonic booms – booms, whose origin has not been exactly clarified. Near some specified probable cause.

November 18 – Michigan

November 19 – Damascus – military explosions

November 17 – Lapland – the fall of the meteorite

November 15 – Idaho

November 14 – Alabama

November 8th – Tennessee

4 November – Oregon

November 3 – mn

1 and 2 November – new Jersey and San Diego

27 October – Eyre Peninsula (Australia) – meteor

October 25 – new Jersey

October 20 – British Columbia

October 17 – North Carolina

October 10 – the Detroit

25 September – St Ives (United Kingdom)

September 22 – Temple Terrace, FL

17 September – Maryland, Pennsylvania, new York, Virginia, Delaware, new Jersey, Ohio and Massachusetts – most likely a meteor

7 September – Moranbah, Australia

30 may – Tauranga, New Zealand

May 26 – Kent

May 24 – Texas

May 19 – Massachusetts

May 16-17 – Lincolnshire

May 13 – Ontario – earthquake

May 12 – Tennessee

May 11 – Abergavenny, Wales

May 7 – FL – probably secret military trials

April 25 – San Diego

April 17 – Michigan

April 15 – mi

April 9 – man

April 3 – Texas

March – Vermont

March 27 – Cornwall

March 26 – Arizona

March 25 – Gordonvale, Australia

March 22 – Wisconsin

March 13 – VA – earthquake

March 12 – new York

March 11 – Kentucky

March 5 – Montreal

March 2 – Nottingham

February 27 – La

February 13 – Ohio

February 12 – Indiana

February 10 – PA

January 30 – New Orleans

January 30 – Washington, DC

January 29 – Maryland

January 24 – San Diego

January 20 – Swansea

January 19 – New Orleans

January 18 – North Carolina

January 17 – Canterbury

January 16 – Beddgelert, Wales

January 16 – greater Manchester

January 13 – Marcel

January 12 – North Yorkshire

January 6 – Louisiana

January 6 – Oregon

5 Jan – Liverpool

January 4 – mo

January 4 – Washington

January 3 – Connecticut


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