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Presents the new “flying car” is a passenger copter AirQuadOne

Представлена новая "летающая машина" - пассажирский коптер AirQuadOne

Ahead of the Paris air show British Aerospace Neva consortium that includes five European companies, specializing in all types of electric aircraft, from unmanned aircraft to aerial robotic platforms have shown your concept of “flying car.”

New passenger copter received the name AirQuadOne and despite the fact that so far exists only on paper, its specifications look quite realistic.

Single plane Neva uses four electric turbo-propeller, which had previously been tested on other vehicles, such as UAVs. The whole apparatus will weigh a little more than 450 kg, 150 of which is given to the battery 100 and the pilot and additional load.

A passenger will be able quadcopter is in flight 30 minutes at a cruising speed of 80 kilometers per hour. The 40-kilometer reserve, according to the developers, enough to get from one end of the congested traffic of the city to another. The machine takes off and lands vertically, and charge it through the socket like a regular electric car.

Neva also does not exclude the possibility of equipment AirQuadOne small engine for generator operation, which will feed the battery, which in turn, will allow to increase the flight range. Currently, the sponsors are working on turning an electric turbochargers that will make the traction more effective. It is assumed that the vehicle will fall into the category of light aircraft.

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AirQuadOne is only the latest of a long line of concepts “flying car”, which pretty obsessed company with a world name. So, Airbus is promoting the project Vahana, in which is developed a modular electric-drone Pop.Up. Google co-founder Larry page together with the start-up Kitty Hawk working on the passenger quadcopter Flyer, the first working prototype of which has already been demonstrated in the spring of this year. Uber is also planning to launch a flying taxi in Dubai for three years.

And these companies do not suffer from collective insanity. The advances in battery technology suggest that more energy can be Packed into a more compact, lighter volumes. New materials allow designers to create light but incredibly strong structure, to actually build them out of composite materials.

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At the same time, this does not mean that all of the projects that make noise, the media will come true. For example, the German startup Lilium promises to create a five-seat commercial version of the aircraft with a 320-kilometer range and crazy top speed 300 km/h. This is much more ambitious than the specifications AirQuadOne, and less likely to materialized, at least in the near future.

The real stumbling block for even more realistic projects are regulatory issues. In Neva Aerospace say they are working with American and European government agencies to confirm compliance with all existing rules, but this may not be enough. These and other aircraft will probably require a completely new standards. For example, FAA reported that it is prepared to work on it, but the process will take years.

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