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Preferential car loans turned out to borrowers with new taxes

Льготные автокредиты обернулись для заемщиков новыми налогами

The state program of preferential car loan can be buyers are not as favorable as it seemed at first glance. The Ministry of Finance considered that additional discount the cost of the car is considered income received in kind, and personal income tax. Now we can talk about amounts to 19 thousand roubles to the buyer, writes “Kommersant”. All benefited from a discount in the next year will receive a notice from the tax authorities.

Information about the need to pay personal income tax on the income in the form of a ten percent discount on the cost of the vehicle purchased within the state program of preferential car loan, contained in the October letter Department. This discount is part of a new version of the program, introduced last July. It includes products such as the “Family car” (for families with two or more children) and “First car”.

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According to the trade Ministry, which deals with the implementation of the program by October 8 for these programs was purchased 48.3 thousand cars. The maximum price of the machine programme is 1.45 million RUB a 10% Discount to buyers of vehicles for these programs provide banks, who then receive a subsidy from the state. Thus, buying a car for 1.45 million rubles, the owner will have to pay on earned income in the amount of 145 thousand rubles tax 18.85 thousand.

A source in the Ministry of Finance announced that the Ministry does not object to the amendment in the tax code that will take data income under taxation, but to make such a legislative initiative will not. “The initiator of these programs was the Ministry, he should propose the appropriate amendments,” he said. The Ministry announced that “in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance is working on amendments to the Tax code that provide benefits”.

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Meanwhile, with the implementation of the programme source was not thought out the issues of taxation, and if not for clarification from the Ministry of citizens – participants of the program would wait for an unpleasant surprise. The program itself is designed not for the wealthy who used every opportunity to purchase a vehicle at a reduced price and on credit, said the head of the onf project “For the rights of borrowers” Victor Klimov. “For them 19 thousand rbl. of taxes a year after purchase can be quite a significant additional expense, which they did not expect,” – said the expert.

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