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Poroshenko turns to chocolate business in Russia

Порошенко сворачивает шоколадный бизнес в России

The Ukrainian Corporation Roshen will preserve Lipetsk confectionery factory. As reported in the press service of the company, the reasons for this step — “economic and political”. All employees (about 700 people) has received notice of the upcoming reduction. Why is chocolate the Ukrainian President’s business in Russia is closed now?

Fans of chocolates “Crazy bee” (in Ukrainian “Shalena bdzhilka”) will not be able to buy this delicacy. As well as other products of the company Roshen, which produces Lipetsk branch. The assets of Peter Poroshenko, has worked for many years in Russia, conserves its activity. Full stop production scheduled for April.

From the other reviews the management of the Ukrainian President refrains. Say: I went to Kiev for consultations. Says nothing and the owner Petro Poroshenko. Factory in Lipetsk “the chocolate king” was bought in 2001. Later in the Lipetsk region, he built an additional plant in the village of Sentsovo and logistics center in the village of Kozyreva. At the peak of its production the factory produced 450 thousand tons of sweets per year. And from 2013 through 2015 in the “poslemaydannoy” period – Roshen transferred to the Russian budget more than one billion rubles in taxes.

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However, do not always have the Lipetsk branch Roshen everything went smoothly. Eighteen months ago the company revealed 180 million rubles of tax debts. Due to non-payment of the Investigative Committee has imposed on the property of the factory arrest.

Problems at Lipetsk Roshen emerged just after the coup in Kiev. After the aggression of Ukraine at the Donbass under the leadership of Poroshenko sales of chocolate in Russia has significantly decreased. And in Ukraine a candy factory in Lipetsk, as well as other goods from Russia, have called for a boycott of the nationalists on the streets handing out leaflets in stores products marked tricolor television airplay campaign videos.

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During the election campaign, Poroshenko promised the voters to get rid of the business – this position exists in the Constitution. But the “chocolate king” not only sold candy Empire, but also became richer by seven times. All over Ukraine like mushrooms grew branded stores Roshen. But most Ukrainian nationalists were irritated by the presence of the President of Ukraine business in Russia.

However, the closure of the Lipetsk factory of the Ukrainian nationalists were not satisfied. Say the decision comes too late and is called multi-year funding for the Russian budget high treason.

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