Saturday , August 19 2017
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Turkey threatens Russia with sanctions over the tomato embargo


Experts suggest that Turkey could “cover” the second branch of the Russian gas pipeline “Turkish stream” that leads to Europe due to the tomato embargo. That the Turkish authorities are determined to meet Russia “for tomatoes” by any limitations, said Nihat Zeybekci, Minister of economy of Turkey. The official noted …

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Who lived in the Soviet Union okay?


Here in the comments to the posts about the USSR, I always write what I say really exaggerate, and in fact, in the USSR lived a very rich, hearty and good. These commentators really do not understand, where did the photos with empty shelves and queues, as well as from …

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Economy in the USSR was not


“SOVETSKOY ECONOMY” JUST WASN’T THERE. NO “SOVETSKOY” OR “ECONOMY”. “Sergey good evening, I would like to hear your opinion about Savetsky economy, its model. If there was something profitable? After all, it was the state”. SERGEI FEDULOV: There was not, and could not be. 1. In the USSR, almost all …

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Tatarstan youth will protect from the Internet


The government of Tatarstan approved the plan of measures for ensuring information security of children in the media in 2017-2019. The corresponding document was signed by Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin, writes “Kommersant”. In activities under the plan will participate in the regional Ministry, the Agency for press and mass communications …

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The acquittal rate in Russia fell to 0.36%


The acquittal rate in Russian courts continued to fall, said the Supreme court in the annual statistical review. By the end of 2016 was justified only 0,36% of Russians accused of various crimes – 2640 from 743020. Show completely… A year ago, was acquitted of 0.43%, and in 2014 – …

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Silk road: China will tour Russia on a curve


Russia may fall out of the Chinese project silk road — this year the goods from China should go along the railway line Baku – Tbilisi – Kars railway bypassing Russia. The Chinese are not satisfied with the speed of delivery of cargo in Russia in the EU. But the …

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Russia is returning to the foreign policy of the 1980-ies


“History never repeats itself but often rhymes.” The recent series of clashes of Russian and American embassies will remind, Russia has cut several hundred employees of the American Embassy in response to the expulsion of the U.S. 35 Russian diplomats in December last year — like the large-scale exclusion from …

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