Sunday , November 19 2017
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Lavrov brought to Yerevan “anti-plan”


The Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov in Yerevan “Karabakh question” on the background of anti-Russian demonstrations because of “anti-Armenian plans.” He met with President Serzh Sargsyan and head of Foreign Affairs Edward Nalbandian. Moscow calls on the parties to peace and follow the “road map” of the OSCE. According …

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Ukraine can return to the Pro-Russian way


If the fail policy of the new Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine led by Volodymyr Groysman, the country might abandon its Pro-Western vector of development and to return to the Pro-Russian path, said U.S. intelligence analysis Agency Stratfor. “Despite new start, the new Ukrainian government is faced with many old …

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“When Russia failed?”


Editor Financial Times John Lloyd believes that the Russian regime is based only on the popularity of the President When Russia failed? Oil prices that reached a rocky bottom, Western sanctions, inflation, demographic crisis… When you’re waiting for the second Russian revolution? A year later, for the centennial of the …

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The Russian media was first recognized in the Western funding


  Russian media reported before the “Roskomnadzor” about getting financing from abroad. Among them were many well-known publications. Here are some of them: the NGO “Faith, Hope, Love”, which owns radio “Faith”, CJSC “Business news Media” that publishes the newspaper “Vedomosti”, Federal state institution “Editorial “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, JSC “Kommersant”, JSC …

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Transparency International Rogozin suspected of money laundering


The Russian branch of Transparency International released a new investigation about the apartment Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on Starovolynskaya street in Moscow. Show… On the basis of the investigation of Transparency International appealed to the European Bureau for combating fraud, the Department for combating major fraud in the UK …

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Before the war four years


It seems to be purely peaceful institution – the European Commission representation in Lithuania that sways on the Boulevard Aspazijas blue–star flags, struck on Wednesday a massive strike in the now fashionable genre of hybrid war. Gave the film “War 2020” Martin Starkus and Jonas Banys (Lithuania). The enemy is …

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Nuclear escalation in Europe


USA played surprisingly imitation of the attack of the Russian aviation on the destroyer “Donald cook” in the Baltic sea. However, as we have already noted, Russia is able to suppress the electronic systems of communication and vehicle management. And she did it, says Manlio Dinucci, since the ship has …

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What are “European values” and what they mean?


    About 15 years ago I had the opportunity to speak at a conference a report on my usual theme. I talked about the fact that turning Russia into an enemy – not a good idea. During the discussions one of the participants of the conference, which, as I …

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Marines deployed communications in the Arctic ocean


Russian paratroopers landed on drifting ice floe in the Arctic ocean, turned on her mobile communication node, according to the Department of information and press service of the defense Ministry. “Russian paratroopers on an ice floe in the Arctic ocean has deployed a mobile communications center for coordination of actions …

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