Wednesday , October 18 2017
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On the “Nord stream-2” is facing a new threat


On 10 October the Commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager said that the European Union has no legal basis to suspend or block the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”. As he wrote, “SP”, experts have called these words a recognition of the obvious, because the action of the Third energy …

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60 years later. Festival of youth and students.


Yesterday saw different reports from so-called open world festival of youth and students. Thousands of students, who were from different universities, tortured rehearsals meaningless, detached from their cases, was extremely sad on the streets. Show more… the Fact that it was obligation, it was written on every face, would be …

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Клубная музыка популярна в 21 веке

Клубной и электронной танцевальной музыкой принято называть музыкальные треки и композиции, созданные с помощью исключительно электронных средств, таких как синтезатор, компьютер и других. Термин «клубная музыка» указывает именно на технологию создания и написания музыкального произведения и не устанавливает никаких жанровых и стилистических ограничений. Клубную музыку можно с точностью назвать самым …

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I know exactly what will happen


“The truth is that now for the benefit of the king. Everything else is a lie and a crime.” Arkady Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky “Hard to be God”. Show completely… Brilliant phrase Strugatsky brothers — almost everything you need to know about the monstrous state “machine of lies”. It’s almost all …

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Festival of youth and students – Che Guevara visiting Putin


If you think that the Kremlin is actively working only with Western ultra-right and mentally ill Texas separatists, then you were wrong. World festival of youth and students opened with a parade in Moscow and then continued in Sochi – a worldwide gathering of hard-nosed Communists, anti-globalists and other fighters …

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Samopoznanie statehood


Great power status is a fragile thing and is very subjective. To the extent subjective, and in fact the state is great only to the extent that it is recognized by others. In the past Saddam and Gaddafi, and today Kim is undoubtedly considered themselves great pieces on the world …

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Nikolai Svanidze: the criminal liability from 12 years.


N. Svanidze Hello. Show completely… K. Larina ― For us news, which like to discuss it with Nikolay Karlovich as a historian. About criminal responsibility to 12 years. It talked about this today in GD. The food they serve there changes to the criminal code. Lowering the age of criminal …

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