Thursday , June 29 2017
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The “Nord stream-2” is formed of an unplanned headache


Russian gas pipeline project “Nord stream-2” and previously were faced with a complex political and legal hurdles, but in the present time, it seems to have added one more, the newspaper writes Foreign Policy. “This time it is not geopolitics or tricky the laws of the European Union and in …

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73 percent of Russians admitted that has no savings


The majority of Russians (73 per cent) admitted that he has no savings. The savings is 27 percent of the population. This is evidenced by the results of a survey of the National Agency for financial studies (NAFI). Under the savings in the survey was implied deposits in banks, savings …

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Assad sent the Museum howitzer


The interlocutors in the Pentagon told the American journalists about the transfer to Syria 20 Russian howitzer for “future ground campaign against insurgents.” In the Russian army, the M-30 was only in canned form — these howitzers are actively used on the fronts of the Second world war. Experts “Газеты.Ru” …

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The political economy as an exact science. Release 12. Part 2


When the needs of nature in a full and varied food, decent shelter, quality health care fully satisfied, there are problems of organization of cultural leisure, education and comprehensive development. A healthy person, not downtrodden life, tend to look for and create. A society free from the fear of tomorrow …

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Dictators are dying out like dinosaurs


If we do not have the wisdom and the courage to see in the victory of the Macron sign time, Russia is likely to expect macronarians. Most worryingly in the victory of Emmanuel Macron? The official Russian figures give diplomatic comments. But let’s be honest: of all the candidates of …

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Trump urged to meet with Poroshenko before with Putin


Legislators believe that the meeting with representatives of Kiev will be a signal that the United States supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine Senator John McCain and five of his colleagues called on President Donald trump to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin before a meeting with the …

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