Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Is it possible the other Russia?


Great-power ambitions and greed of the ruling elite does not allow you to build a developed welfare state, which would like to live people. Various opinion polls consistently show that the number of supporters of a liberal market economy, which not long ago was the dream of Russians is decreasing …

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In Gosloto “11 85” lost everything


Budget transfers to regions have long ceased to be distributed on a rational basis. This year, 13 regions will receive half of the money allocated to 74 regions of the country. The draft budget for the year 2018 provides that 13 Russian regions out of 74 subsidized get exactly half …

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I’m cold and ugly soul.


About two months ago I told the story of his life – making television propaganda with the people and how in one moment fall family ties because of the fundamentally different beliefs and views on good and evil. In this story my grandmother actually refused me. Can read the story …

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CIT: in Syria killed nine Russians from PMC Wagner


In recent months the fighting in Syria has killed at least nine fighters of the private military company Wagner. This is stated in published on Monday the report of the independent panel of investigative Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT). Among the victims were native of the city of Troitsk Vitaly Belyaev, …

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In Kirkuk dumped a flag of Kurdistan


Government forces of Iraq occupied the building of the Governor of the Kurdish province of Kirkuk. The flag of Kurdistan, which previously hung on the building along with the flag of Iraq, the military pulled down. Washington is providing military assistance in the fight against militants as the Iraqi army …

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“Going to hell”


TV propaganda is exhausted and no longer works, but rather toils, sure teleonomic Anton Orekh, once again having spent two and a half hours of your life watching “news of the week with Dmitry Kiselyov” on TV channel “Russia-1”. Playful creative, like nuclear ash, not born at the main agitator …

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