Friday , August 18 2017
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Yulia Latynina: Putin is gone good luck


Here, in my opinion, something happened and Putin is gone good luck. Because here, in the first 15 years of the Putin presidency, in General, extremely lucky. And, not that the government behaves differently. Show completely… Remember businessman Kolesnikov, who tells us that in the first year of Putin’s rule, …

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Nostalgia scoundrels


We often compare the post-Soviet person with a Soviet. But the thing is that the post-Soviet man in the street, nostalgic for the Soviet Union, where more toxic than a citizen of “country of advice”. The Soviet people can be sincerely convinced that the mass repressions in the 30-ies did …

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Moved to Riga! Myths and Legendy Russian propaganda


I have two months live and work in Riga. Work is very conditional, because a lot of time was spent on relocation, finding apartments, and workshop, all documentation, etc. Only now is more or less settled down, back to full work. Although the fact of the matter is somewhere you …

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Trump “establish order” in the world of young Hiroshima


American specialist Neil Halloran engaged in the visualization of scientific data, edited the video The Shadow of Peace, which shows the potential loss of humanity in the event of a large-scale military conflict involving nuclear weapons. According to his calculations, in the first three weeks after launch nuclear missiles, the …

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Western sanctions: Iran’s option for Russia


The worst that can be involved in the sanctions war, is the country off from the interbank system SWIFT and a ban on the purchase of its oil and gas. This is evidenced by the experience of Iran, against whom the sanctions have been introduced in the early 50-ies, tightening …

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Fake: anti-Russian sanctions in Europe is not enough oil


“Vesti” published an article entitled “No Russian butter croissants and muffins in Europe for Christmas will be Golden.” Referring to the CNN report, the authors note, write: “European confectioners are sounding the alarm: serious crisis with the oil they predict a sharp increase in the price of croissants, scones and …

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