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Pokemon GO: why psychologists forbid this game to children


Pokemon GO: why psychologists forbid this game to children

New game, Pokemon GO, won millions of fans around the world, is now available in Russia.

If even adults can’t resist the cute pocket monsters, then what about the children!

Can you name the characters of the popular games are harmless?

The danger is for the younger generation game, in which merged the two worlds – real and virtual?

Let’s hear the opinion of a child psychologist on this matter.

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  • 1 Pokemon – who are they?
  • 2 Features new games Pokemon GO
  • 2.1 What is attractive pokémon in the eyes of children?
  • 2.2 the danger inherent in the game Pokemon GO?
  • 2.3 What are parents to do?
  • 3, the CPS asked psychologists to test the games as You?

Less than 15 years since then, as was the popular Japanese series, pokemon, so popular with children at that time.

After watching the students became fans of these monsters – posters of the game? chips and stickers with images of favorite characters were literally flying off the shelves.

Now, in 2016 pokemon again and conquer the world, but now they became heroes of the popular game Pokemon GO. Surprisingly, its adherents include not only children but also adults – people with different social status and level of education.

In the media more and more notes about children during the search of the pokemon appeared on the roadway, climbed to altitude, entered the construction site was lost in the town inspired by the game. Although the emergencies Ministry and Roskomnadzor and warns against the dangers of the game, the number of children who catch pokemon grows every day.

Pokémon – who are they?

Literally the word “pokemon” means “pocket monster”. This cute animals with supernormal abilities. Those who played in a similar game in the past, was to achieve such goals:

  • collect all the pokémon;
  • to develop their abilities, training characters.

In the old game the winner was the one who gathered an army of monsters to hone their skills and tamed them. Becoming a master of pokemon, the player as if adopting their abilities, while feeling the power and strength. There is a subtle psychological impact on followers of the game, thanks to which children fell into dependence on it.

Features new Pokemon GO

A feature of modern games is that it literally crossed the two worlds – real and virtual.

To find his pocket monster, the player must wander the streets looking at the screen of your tablet or smartphone and catch a pokemon.

The search is, in reality, a window into the virtual dimension is the tablet.

That’s why on the street increasingly began to meet people who move, without looking away from the screens of smartphones, risking to fall off, get hit by a car and get injured.

To such actions encourages their goal is to find your pokemon.

Install in on your smartphone this free app, you must register the game will require open access to the resources of your phone (camera, geolocation, photo album and others) only under this condition you will be able to play. Next, the system sends a message indicating the object in the real world where the virtual pokemon. It can be seen, using the same smartphone. And so on.

It has all the classic elements of addictive online games (passion, competition, development, diversity) at the same time there is also a social element, players can meet in reality.

The attractive pokémon in the eyes of children?

When we are talking about some pocket monsters, just a thought about something unpleasant and creepy. However, just think of those who are far from the modern game. Developers gave the characters a comely appearance and gave them funny names. That’s why kids like pokemon. Let’s look at them closer.


  • Pikachu is a monster that looks like a mouse, which has the ability to store electric charge is concentrated in the cheeks pokemon.
  • Meowth – monster-cat.
  • Sloupok – pokemony pink color, reminiscent of a slow-moving Behemoth.
  • Bulbasaur – on his back is the onion.
  • Charmander – pokemon with a tail-indicator in the form of flame. When the monster loses power, the flame dies.
  • Squirtle is the name of the turtle that will eventually turn into a ninja.
  • Chansey – sweet and kind plump character with the egg, which helps him when attacking.
  • Jolliff, very sensitive singing monster.
  • Snorlax lazy pokemon, like a bear, his favorite thing is to sleep and eat.
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It’s not all pokemon, but even first glance, perfectly illustrates the apparent charm of these characters.

Already at the first meeting monsters don’t seem evil and unpleasant, they trigger a desire to make friends, because its qualities are similar to the people we met in life. Sometimes they remind us. However, constant communication with your pokemon allows them time to become experienced fighters. Safe if this game really is?

The danger inherent in the game Pokemon GO?

According to psychologists, this game is a danger to children. But what is it?

1.The main problem that most prominent psychologists is the impact on the emerging child’s perception of the real world. In the game he is seen only through the lens of virtuality.

The merging of the two worlds in Pokemon GO can erase the boundaries between real and fiction in the children’s minds, because their mentality is very vulnerable. From the correctness of perception of the world depends directly on the development of mental abilities of the child.

2.There is a risk of occurrence of dependence on the gameplay, because of achievement in the game of pokemon need to constantly search for, catch, raise, take care of their pokemon. Kids, who like catching monsters, you lose precious time that could be spent on homework or companionship. The spirit of competition motivates students to play more to stand out among comrades. As a result, a decline in academic performance, loss of interest in the real life and activities.

3.The first stage of the game looks harmless, but what happens next? No one knows what will happen to pokemon, what fate determined for them by the developer. Perhaps your child is already caught in the trap of addiction, the Lord will become evil and cruel characters who need to kill their own kind? Such a prospect can be detrimental to a child’s psyche.

4.With the development of attachment occurs replacement priorities when favorite entertainment ranked first, and the word of the parents goes by the wayside. The child is so cherish the game that is ready for her to perform any task. Is it normal that he is willing to make sacrifices or to obey not out of respect and love for relatives, and for permission to continue the game?

5.The risk of injury at the time of catching pokemon is quite high, players are forced to move quickly through the city, peering at the screen, not noticing what is happening in reality. During gameplay they fall, popping up on the road where cars drive, collide with other passers-by, find themselves in unfamiliar places. In this sense, the game is dangerous for adults. Foreign media cite cases where people concentrated on the picture screen of your gadget, falling in manholes, was hit by a car, crossing the road and stuff. Mention cases when teenagers got into absolutely impermissible and dangerous places, including in protected yards, construction sites, etc.

6.Some features are available for the money. What is the children, not knowing their value, but eager to reach the next level faster, click on the “Buy” button on the screen of your smartphone? It is fraught with enormous cost to the parents.


The games can be addictive, similar to drugs, so parents should forbid their children to play. About it journalists were reported by a clinical psychologist, a specialist in health psychology Michael Khors.

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“I would advise parents to prohibit to play Pokemon Go to their children”, — said M. horse.

The psychologist stressed that is guaranteed to protect against virtual dependencies only not downloading this game. “What you should know about psychoactive substances and psychoactive facilities such as a smartphone, the Internet, pokemon and stuff? What all of this can and is addictive. And I am sure that almost everyone here used when-in-a-lifetime alcohol dependence does not develop at all. The consumption of the substance check, which will develop a dependency or not,” he said.

<script type=”text/javascript”>// </script> What should parents do?

1.First of all, to understand ourselves and to understand that she is talking to a teenager, it is important to speak the same language. In addition, the mere prohibitions of the type “impossible, because I said so”, it is not effective. You can, of course, to deprive the child of all of the gadgets, but when you bought them, you’ve realized that this is not just a phone or e-book?

2.So – don’t want your child to play these games, don’t buy it with modern gadgets. But seriously – it is important to prepare the child for possible risks, as a child you were taught to cross the road, remember?

3.Offer to install the app is definitely not worth it, but if it has already happened, explain safety rules.

4.To restrict game time, not to include it in areas of high risk: when crossing the road, in public transport, in the subway, and at school no where else, think for yourself.

5.Do not allow yourself to buy bonuses in the game, or to consult with you – because the source of funds.

6.Interested in the success of the child in the game – so you get first, feedback: learn how a child’s “delayed”, and where he is with his pokemon, and, secondly, build trust and confidence. Thus it is necessary to avoid three things: a didactic tone, the categorical ban and excessive familiarity.

The question “what to do” is most likely rhetorical. Free their children from the Japanese monsters. Give them the true reality. Free their minds from alien control. A child is not a puppet in the skillful hands of game developers. It is an independent personality.

The CPS asked psychologists to test the games as You?

The CPS asked psychologists and educators to check out the game for mobile Pokemon Go, said the Agency “Interfax” with reference to the chief state sanitary doctor of Russia Anna Popova

General Director Mostransavto Alexander Zaitsev asked the players Pokemon Go to observe safety rules and not be distracted by the screens of smartphones at bus stops, bus stations and bus stations. In Mostransavto reminded that waiting for the bus can’t go on the roadway, and when boarding the transport to behave calmly and not try to go in that moment when the doors are closed.

In the Railways in connection with the popularity of the game also reminded that the stations, platforms, railway crossings and stations are places of high risk.

Roskomnadzor has warned that the game has a malicious version, which allows to intercept control of the player, steal his personal data and monitor his movements. According to the service, the criminals have begun to use Pokemon Go: they post Lure Modules that increase the chance of appearance of pokemon in a certain place and arrange there an ambush.

State Duma Deputy from the Communist Denis Boronenkov asked the Federal security service and the Ministry of Telecom and mass communications is to ban the game in Russia. According to him, players can participate in espionage or terrorist attack.

Pokemon Go is a mobile game with elements of augmented reality, the story is based on the Japanese multiserial “Pokemon”. Players must find the pokémon in the real world, to train them and participate in battles with other pokemon players.

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