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PIP and the road for us… nowhere!

Типун и дорога для нас... в никуда!

We all say until we have oil and gas, we and our children will be fed. Well, polosaty, but worry about the fact that there is no war. And we are calm. And quietly watched as PIP opened the Crimean bridge, which cost me we do not fit. And as promised, after passing over the bridge and standing in front of the builders that the bridge he and his team intends to build in Russia a large number. PIP hinted that Russia’s economy is a hell gulkin before the economies of the US, China and other developed countries, that’s where it would be necessary to loot oil gas invest.It is in the future of the country from living in her people. Just then PIP on these promises jammed or they were not planned in his speech. But then.

The bridge was erected under the supervision Rotenberg, his old friend that he intended to include immigrants from Israel, and not for the Crimeans and Russians that their country everywhere from the side with full sun. He was invited to Russia and European and American Jews who kiss there. What a huge amount of money in the construction of this giant was stolen. But here it is in friendship, in which the Rotenberg hand washes the hand of PIP.

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Example: No sooner had the friend Netanyahu to leave Russia after the celebration of Victory day, where he was in Moscow together with the Serbian President, why the government platform which was both spacious, as Israeli planes and missiles tore apart the Russian ultra-reliable missile system, standing as the Crimean bridge. It turned out that before its destruction by the Israelis attendants spent all the ammo off the radar. And she fled to a safe shelter like rocket warned in advance.

And the latest set have disappeared along with billions spent on its production. Similarly, the Crimean bridge cheers after its opening by PIP with the bridge builders closed under the peace and quiet after about a couple of days, skipping only those lucky enough to pass. Oh, how the women shook the top add-ons on their bodies and rasplavami in hand, viperas outside cabins open cars.

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Well, one woman had one other couple in the booths closed and when men are not born yesterday, was showing that they have in addition tricolorii on a stick. Now they look at what is because full. Although this is “what” is just superfluous. Reasonable people, as you know, the belly with anything not stuffed, and spend the money on the mind, that is, not grub, and the best from the necessary according to the rule: the better you live, the richer the landscape around.

But now people have other concerns: otozhratsya from dashing and hungry nineties.

But the fact that the problem did not go anywhere. And who will allow us to live well, and even at his own expense.

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