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Photo: asteroid Ryugu

Фото: астероид Рюгу


Фото: астероид Рюгу

In late June, the Japanese interplanetary station “Hayabusa-2” (Hayabusa 2) entered the orbit of the asteroid Ryugu (162173 Ryugu). Yesterday, the Japanese space Agency has published two images of the asteroid from a distance of 20 km, as well as the first three-dimensional model of its surface. In the future, unless there are technical problems, we will see a lot of photos of the Ryuga from various points on its surface. Read more about the scientific mission “Hayabusa-2” can be read here.

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Judging by the animated rotation, the Ryuga, and it has the shape of two cones connected bases. Due to the tangential acceleration during rotation around its own axis, the matter is going around the equator. A small gravity of this cosmic body (average diameter – 865 m) is not enough to form a sphere.

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