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People need to not give fish as bait

Людям надо давать не рыбу, а удочку

I am deeply convinced that the financial incentives of childbearing not only works with the most prosperous families. Maternity capital — a double-edged sword, because said of the orphanages. Here is the same story, even relatively small payments. For the village, first, it is a fortune, and secondly, alcohol substitutes too cheap. And another read, even for adopt payments, and the children themselves become unnecessary.

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People need to not give fish as bait. It applies to renovations, and child benefits, and generally just. We foster a paternalistic society, and it never will be prosperous. What to do, children to be born? Jobs for mother and father, sex education in schools, schools, kindergartens and clinics close to home, comfortable environment, and not money. To give birth for the money it’s horrible, but, alas, quite popular.

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