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Народ не нужен…

The perversity of the commodity economy and formed around her system not only and not so much that she could not provide a high standard of living throughout the country and generates social inequality, corruption, centralization of resources and, as a consequence, the usurpation of power by those who gained control over these resources. It’s certainly very bad too, but that’s only half the trouble.

The main problem is that the commodity system is not needed people.

In this commodity system is fundamentally different from conventional capitalist-based production and Finance, as well as from feudal-monarchical with its traditional agrarian economy.

When the agricultural economy of the feudal-monarchical period, the people were the main source of resources in the country. Agriculture which was the mainstay of the economy, is entirely kept on the people who lived on earth and was the direct and sole producer of agricultural products.

Under the capitalist system of production economy people need as as a producer and consumer of goods and services. And the financial sector needs to customers who take out loans to purchase goods and then pay for them, paying part of the wages. The owners of banks and factories live on the income they receive from the people, which is both their employees and customers, and leaving work a part of their work, and in the Bank of their money.

The commodity system is different because the people for it almost do not need it for the system becomes a ballast, attached to the land, which is under exploration, and the application is very onerous and Intrusive, lowering the yield of production.

The main consumer of raw materials produced in Russia is not the Russian people and foreign buyers who pay for raw currency, which are purchased goods that are in demand among the owners of the commodity system.

The people of Russia also buys a part of the extracted raw materials — petrol for cars, gas for heating, obtained by burning a fuel to electricity. But the people of Russia paying the price for these raw materials? Rubles! But why the elite? That the elite can buy rubles in the commodity economy destroyed manufacturing?

The owners of the commodity economy virtually no need for rubles, because they can’t buy them anything that represents value to them. Their values are produced abroad, and there for rubles to buy anything impossible.

The owners of the commodity economy the rubles needed mainly for remuneration of employees of the commodity sector and subcontractors who are directly involved in the extraction and transportation of raw materials, in the administration of a commodity economy. And more for payday soldiers who protect the state, within which extraction of raw materials, so it could not seize every person.

But for raw material extraction and conservation of raw state from abuse is about 10-15 million people, not more. The staff of Gazprom — about half a million people, staff Rosneft — 250 thousand. Together with its subsidiaries, subcontractors and other commodity corporations — a few million. The size of the army to two million, in the defense industry runs about the same. Together with family members turns out to 10-15 million.

In fact, even 15 million for the commodity economy is excessively much, after all direct employees and employees need 2-3 times less, and specialists of high qualification need hardly 300 thousand, all the rest — laborers, drivers, fitters, electricians, plumbers, clerks.

Highly qualified specialists can always be found abroad, especially as they now come for the installation and commissioning of the imported equipment, staff training and production control. Even unskilled workers can be successfully recruited from other countries — the Tajiks and Uzbeks will not lie.

This means that its own people for the commodity economy is not needed at all — whether big or small, no.

The extraction of raw materials can entirely lead contract on a rotational basis. In fact it is now so many fields — there are not locals, and visitors just now working fields come from different regions of Russia, and can equally well come from other countries: unskilled workers from neighboring countries, highly qualified specialists from foreign.

The constantly increasing automation further reduces the need for operating personnel. Someday most of this traffic will be controlled by the automation and control the automation can be remotely, including from other countries, so staff will be needed primarily for commissioning, and her staff will provide suppliers of equipment, i.e. foreign companies.

This means that the demand of the commodity economy in the nation, which is now very small, will eventually disappear altogether.

Now about 90% of the population in terms of a commodity system are dependent, dead weight, a hindrance in obtaining the maximum profit from the extraction and export of raw materials. Gradually the ballast from the point of view of the commodity system will be the whole nation.

How to solve this problem the user commodity of the state?

The Prime Minister advises those who do not have enough money (and there are not enough absolute majority of the population) to do business. This means that the government is trying to make the people solve their problems, himself something took himself to creating jobs, saving raw state from unnecessary worries.

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The government is trying to separate the people from the raw state to the nation that this state is not needed — live in themselves, as independently as possible, without burdening the state and the commodity economy for its problems.

President urges to build a digital economy, but in practice it is systematic transformation of raw economy in any more perfect not is is also just calls to the people that he had built themselves a separate state from the commodity economy, in which he himself will have something to do.

The project of the far East of the hectare is also true of attempts to engage people who commodity state is not needed. One of the government classes to go to the far East, to acres of land and own it have something to do with the most simple and accessible lesson on one (!) a hectare of land is simply to die.

All these calls to do business, to build a digital economy to go far on the hectare — are reduced to one simple idea — to deliver a raw state from the people, who doesn’t need him anymore.

Raw state has to pay pensions, salaries to teachers and doctors, to have a huge army of officials to work with millions of population — all for the commodity economy is absolutely not necessary, that the extra costs that lower the profit received by the owners of the commodity system.

The authorities are trying by all means to optimize the cost of raw materials system, to reduce them to a minimum. Spent pension reform, which shifted the care of future pensions from the state to private pension funds (i.e. the citizens themselves). To do this, raise the retirement age, to pensioners was smaller. To do this, hold other conversions.

Raw state is trying by all means to withdraw from participation in solving the problems of the people in the security of his job, education, health care, housing and so on.

Why create toll roads? What system was introduced by Plato? For the same to the people he began to build the road to a raw state gradually ceased to spend money on the maintenance and development of infrastructure.

Similarly, housing — introduced bills to raise funds for the repair so that the tenants themselves were saving for repairs of buildings. It will probably introduce a bill, which will raise funds for the construction of bridges, schools and hospitals to all public facilities and infrastructure built by the residents themselves, who need it and who have the means for it.

The destruction of the education system — too a consequence of the fact that the raw materials and the state does not need people. Why spend money on education, if the people do not need, and professionals to work in the primary sector it is always possible to find a abroad?

Raw state is trying all possible ways to get rid of people.

To get rid of people is physically impossible — it would lead to a civil war with unpredictable consequences, so a raw state gets rid of the people in an implicit form — displays the people for the state brackets, reduces their participation in solving the problems of the people, reducing their spending on the people.

The depreciation of the ruble in late 2014 pursued this goal is to reduce the cost of raw material systems for the maintenance people. The size of the budget in ruble terms remained, however, in dollar terms, it decreased in two times, therefore the load on the raw system, deriving income from exports of raw materials in foreign currency, simultaneously fell by half.

Raw state is trying to get rid of the people, gradually abandoning its obligations to them, throwing people to the arbitrariness, introducing himself, shifting on the people.

And this is the main defect of the commodity system does not need the people and the system tends in some way to get rid of it, detached from the problems of the people, to give people himself.

Hence the growth of poverty — people can’t get a job, being abandoned by the state and once in the context of resource-based economy, in which everything except mining is unprofitable.

To do business? But how?

A production can be built in conditions when the market is at the mercy of transnational corporations, which because of the huge volume of production is able to provide low prices, which cannot be surpassed by any Russian manufacturer?

To work in the service sector? But for the provision of quality services with the right tools, equipment — what tools to buy? For the provision of quality services requires a good education, and the education system breaks down and becomes paid. To provide the services clients need and where to get them, if poverty is growing and service providers becomes more than customers?

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Some amount of work in the IT field, doing outsourcing, remote work, but to take all the people in the IT field impossible, just as impossible to take all the people in the primary sector.

Even in agriculture and food production cannot effectively occupy any significant part of the people, because with modern technology one worker of agriculture provides products from 50 to 100 people. This means that in agriculture it is possible to effectively take no more than 2% of the population, if you take more — it will become inefficient, so the cost of production is higher than import and in the conditions of market economy, it again becomes useless.

To this must be added the climatic and logistic costs — long distances, with associated high costs for the construction of roads and other infrastructure, as well as the cold climate on the most territory of Russia.

All this leads to the fact that people who is thrown a raw state, to himself or leaves (one in Moscow and one abroad), or impoverished.

Only a small portion, about 10%, finds a narrow niche in which it is possible to create and conduct business in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister, but the business is either associated with the service resource of the system, or… he’s gradually declines with the reduction in the purchasing power of the population and reducing effective demand.

The commodity system has been steadily striving to get in the perfect state in which all costs directly related to the extraction of raw materials and no more than when costs are reduced to the imported equipment and the wages of the millions of professionals, many of whom may be immigrants and to work in shifts, and the management can and does work remotely.

In a commodity system the condition of no people is not only hired staff, and the growth of automation will allow this staff is constantly reduce. This state of the resource system and tries to.

The system is very large, so its movement to the state “without a people” is pretty slow and not all can see it. But the movement is going.

And this is the main problem of the commodity system — the trouble for our people.

The trouble is that we are with you for this system is not needed.

We only need the intermediate as voters, to vote in favour of this system, for the re-election of the representatives of this system are to be systematically separated from the raw state of the people, and the people of syrogo state.

Now we still need to go and vote for the preservation of the system once again. And after 6 years we need. And through 12 will need.

But if the system will persist long enough, one day, she finally get rid of the people — if not all, then a significant part for sure.

In fact from half the people in the system have already escaped.

When it was liquidated the USSR — the system dropped about half of the Soviet people, leaving himself only the population of the RSFSR. The people of Ukraine, Belarus and other republics — those from whom the raw system got rid of in 1991, in an effort to reduce the load.

The millions who left Russia for the last 26 years — also part of the people, from which the system got rid of, but other methods.

And the system will continue to get rid of people. Some will leave, others will be separated, the third just will not be because of their age. The rest of the brackets will bring the commodity state and provide ourselves — about the same as the American Indians gave to themselves, driving on the reservation, where they now live separately from arising on their territory.

And if we don’t want that, if we do not want to be on reserve on the territory of our ancestors, if we don’t want to be assigned to the new was a quasi-independent Republic then to be in a situation of Donbass — we have to wonder:

If we don’t need raw state, then why is it us?

Why do we raw the system if we need her only as a voter for a transitional period, until the system didn’t get rid of us once and for all?

We this system provides is so important to stick to it? If it makes us richer? No, just poorer. If it makes us smarter? No, just stupid. If it makes us freer? Either, all of her freedom is the liberation of the state from the people and the people from the means of existence.

So why do we need such a state and such an economic system, which led to the formation of a raw monster that doesn’t need people?

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