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Pedal, once the passport is given

Крути педали, раз паспорт дали

The Australian rider Shane Perkins changed his nationality to Russian for the sake of performing at the Olympics in Tokyo 2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin has granted Russian citizenship Australian cyclist Shane Perkins. 30-year-old athlete needs to strengthen the national team ahead of the summer Olympic games in Tokyo 2020.

So, on August 17 President Vladimir Putin’s special decree granted Russian citizenship Australian cyclist Shane Perkins.

The athlete said he was very glad to join the Russian citizenship and thanked the Cycling Federation of Russia (fbr) for applied to this effort.

“An incredible day: such good news! Honestly, I waited very long for anything and almost didn’t. All made the Cycling Federation of Russia. I’m incredibly happy, I hope to speak at the European Championships in Berlin. I have ambition, although it is still hard to even realize what happened. Now back to the League of Karina to Japan, as saying. I will prepare for the European championship”, — quotes the words of Perkins, “R-Sport”.

Athlete 30 years, and as part of the Australian team he has not had a chance to take part in the upcoming Olympics, but the national team of Russia was keenly interested in his services.

As stated by the General Director of the Russian Cycling Federation Yuri Curly, two-time world champion in track Cycling is simply necessary for the Russians to successfully participate in the team sprint.

“Perkins was at the gathering with our sprint team and was delighted with the level of our centralized training. We find it interesting from the point of view of performances in the team sprint, where we do not have a third person.

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It can help us in Carine (view valtrexbuy race in which the final sprint is preceded by a few laps at a fixed rate. — “Газета.Ru”). Of course, Perkins would strengthen the team”, — concluded the Curly.

The same opinion is shared by the prize-winner of Olympic games in track Cycling Russian Denis Dmitriev, who personally tried to persuade the Australian to change his citizenship:

“I’ve treated Shane to make that decision, you could say I recruited him, and I managed to do it.

Perkins fully understands, is aware that this whole situation with doping scandals in the Russian sport was initially exaggerated by the media. He’s a grown man, and it was his conscious decision.



Shane — just what we need in the team sprint and in Carine. It can help us to close all these holes, that is.”

Looking at the track record of Australian, it’s hard not to agree with Dmitrieva. Perkins became world champion 2011 in Carine, 2012 in the team sprint and bronze medal in sprint at the 2012 Olympic games in London. In addition to big victories Perkins speaks in his favor and high motivation.


Just learning about the interest of the Russian national team in February 2017, Perkins announced the imminent change of citizenship on his official page in social network Facebook.

“Cycling Federation of Russia gives me the opportunity to realize a dream to compete at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. It means a lot to me because my father is Darryl Perkins spoke at the Games in 1964 in Tokyo.”

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In the comments fans Perkins sadly clarified whether he will be able again to take part in the Australian championship, the athlete answered that no, but it will be fun to watch competitions. And while Aussie fans are trying to come to terms with his departure to the camp of the Russian national team, the athlete has already managed to claim his first win in the national team of Moscow in the team sprint at the national Championships.

Ahead of the European championship in Cycling, and Perkins hopes to play for his new team for this tournament:

“I hope so. It all depends on the documents, of course. From official decisions. All I can do in this situation is to train and wait.

After the championship of Russia will return to Japan, where I will try to get in better shape for the European Championships”.

The only problem may be that after receiving a Russian passport Perkins will have to wait for the alignment of his “transition” between the Australian side and the International Cycling Union, which may slightly delay the renewal of his performances on the world stage. But in any case he can make his debut for the national team at the world Cup as an athlete, received a Russian license.

“I’m the most excited guy in the world! I can fulfill my dreams,” wrote Perkins in his Twitter.

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