Tuesday , September 26 2017

History clearly showed, Hu-Hu protection of its citizens


There is an interesting story. There is a blogger Alexander Lapshin, he Puerrtto.He recently got out of prison in Baku. Well, you never know where-who messed up and spent. Business somehow. But the story is actually very instructive. But first, a bit of prehistory, because there too, everything is fine …

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I Hate Lenin? Take care of it!

  Attempts to initiate the removal of the body of Vladimir Lenin have been going on for many years, and the closer the centenary of the great October Socialist revolution, the louder and more influential voices voicing this idea. In September, the State Duma rejected the bill of deputies from …

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Yuan vs dollar: the global energy market could soon shake


In the near future China may start trading futures contracts on crude oil in RMB. The Chinese national currency is pegged to the international price of gold in contrast to the American dollar, which, as a rule, paid oil contracts, according to the respected business newspaper Al Eqtisadiya. If that …

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